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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Prata Place

Just came home from another tiring day of hardcore physcial training.
However, a good news is that there will be no training this coming Thursday, which makes my this session a 4 training + 1 test. Woohoo!
This calls for a mini celebration.
The usual three of us visited The Prata Place at Springleaf.
They have all types of prata and thosai from Chocolate Paper prata to Chicken Floss prata to Cheese Masala thosai.
A must-visit for all prata lovers!

Not everything is listed in the menu. You will have to look at pin-ups on their walls.
From left, Cheese prata, thosai and sunny-side up prata.
Of course, I didn't have all the three! You crazy wat!

Monday, February 26, 2007

Revoltech Update

The latest update on Kaiyodo Revoltech series. March will be the release of Ingram Type Zero and Dangaioh (not shown), April will be thje release of Gaiking from The Legend of Daiku Maryu and Megatron from Transformers. May will the release of 2 Evangelions, the white winged Mass Production Evangelion and (remake?) Evangelion Unit 02 弐号機.
Kaiyodo also announced the release of a second generation of Revoltech termed Revoltech 2G.

Gaiking and Megatron release in April 2007. There will be plenty of spare parts to customize the Gaiking while Megatron only have an alternate head with a grim look. Both are must gets! Now CONVOY has an enemy to battle!

The complete line-up of Revoltech from the first Revoltech Getter 01 to the most recent Megatron.

It does look interesting for an avid non-mainstream Revoltech collector like myself.
The price has noteably gone up too!

The line-up for Revoltech May and June release, no price were mentioned here.
I wonder if they are 2G as well.
May's MP Eva rocks with the Lance of Longinus and the wings.
I wasn't too sure about the (possibly re-release) Eva-02. Definitely must gets!
June releases doesn't seem to appealing, not even the SRW type Eva-01.

3D PaperCraft

What better way to spend your free time but to do some 3D papercraft from Canon. Do it discreetly and be careful of your admin officer or boss catch you sucking your laser printer dry!
Have fun!

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Field Report: Novena Square 2

It feels rather weird for me to be posting pictures that I feel to have no depth in content. But these pictures are more meant to be a field report on the new Novena Square 2. Those who have not been to Novena Square 2, this mall is an extension of the revamped Novena Velocity formerly known as Novena Square. This extension bridges Novena Velocity to Tan Tock Seng Hospital. The concept of this mall is Seoul. Believe it or not, there are way much more stores than any building of the same size in Singapore, because the stores are small and the corridors are very narrow. The floor space is fully-utilized since the endless number of corridors intersect each other like an electrical circuit board, thus creating more small stores. Imagine ten times the Annex at Bugis Junction with four levels. Castrophobes beware! Shopping at Novena Square 2 can be a health hazard for you!

Approaching Novena Square 2 from TTSH side.

Staircase that leads from the underground passageway from Novena MRT station.
Plenty of ladies fashion to bikinis.
This escalator leads to the basement which is also linked to a Electrical megastore and Novena MRT station.
Shops that appeal more to the ladies.
An amusement centre that is spacious? Not a good idea.
San Duo from 'The Kindred Spirit'?
Shi Lin can be found at one corner opposite a kids clothings store. I wonder where is the crowd going to queue and eat?
Ben's Collections moved over from Shaw Plaza while Toy Frenz is a more comprehensive store with a greater range of toys.
Toy Frenz were not the best for an avid toy collector but they do have Takara Masterpiece to Gashapons.

Colorful wheels as decorations. Nice idea!
Lerky Thai can be found besides Anderson's Ice Cream cafe.
This balcony from the second level will be revisited later.
The 3rd level is also known as the Little Seoul with All Things Korean.
The bridge that links Novena Square 2 to Tan Tock Seng Hospital. There are travelators for both directions. Very patients friendly.

An interesting florist.
Every level, there will be one main toilet at one corner while the other corner there will be a small toilet. Here you can see one with just one basin, one urinal and one cubicle.

A hidden food court 'Fork and Spoon' can be found after taking a few turns.
There is a mini al fresco dining at the food court.
At the top level, there is an NTUC supermarket. I took some time to see what interesting stuff they might have here. Before entering the supermarket, there is a newtype OCBC ATM. Here you can see a packet of japanese mushroom.
What is Willow Mushroom? Yum!
Waist Tonic!? Tim Tam finally made it to the shelves with more flavours.
Mint slice balls. Ouch!

They have a mini Korean section.

Snacks with your favourite Korean celebrity?
My favourite section is always the snack section.
Buy a piggy 3M hook for the Year of the Pig.
They also have a Japanese food section. There are some interesting snacks here.
I am back to the balcony at the second level.
A Mango Lingo from the juice and smoothie bar that leads to the balcony. I took a good long break there and watch the sun set.

We had dinner al fresco style at Han's back at Novena Velocity. Apparantly, Han's has moved from inside the mall to the former Irish pub's location. Now, they can let their customers dine in their new ChillOut Terrace. Dining al fresco with light jazz and bossa nova music at the same reasonable price, excellent!

Sunday, February 25, 2007

A Walk and Shoot Day

I visited Stargek with nexus to see what Tamiya products I can find to drag myself out from my plamo burnt-out. Sadly there was nothing there for me. Nevertheless, we embarked on an interesting walkabout-shooting session after Stargek. We took a bus from Stargek at Payar Lebar towards Marine Parade Road.


This was the route we took.
(Map compiled by nexus)

Crossing over from Marine Parade Road to East Coast Road via Roxy Square. Roxy Square had this interesting tile that reflects light and gives of various glow of colors.

We had the famous Katong Laksa and rojak from one store that seems more popular among the rest of the 'imitations'.

After lunch, we walked down East Coast Road and took a left turn into Joo Chiat Road. Joo Chiat Road is an upper income level residential area where rich people stay around. So it is not surprising to see expensive cars moving along the small roads here. Interesting, Joo Chiat Road has been otherwise known as the second Geylang, where 'street-walkers' prowl for customers. We werre walking along one of the shophouse when I looked into one of the glass door that hides a staircase leading to the second level and got a shock. I saw this Chinese early 30s lady, sat on a tall stool and spread her legs apart showing me her red panties and then waving us to 'come here'. I told nexus about it. He dared not head back to look at her and so we moved on.

We walked the whole stretch of Joo Chiat Road until we reached the Malay Village at Geylang Serai. I was not very impressed by the architecture of the Malay Village and so I only took a couple of pigeons and a stray cat.

We reached Payar Lebar MRT and under the tracks we saw 2 cats. I was delighted to be able to shoot the cats, since my street shots were not impressive at all. The first cat could have deserved a solo-gallery of its own with all the interesting expressions that it gave me. She was quite a fierce one though. The other cat was rather shy and only gave me 2 'don't look back in anger' shots.

It was raining quite heavily for a while and so we had a bit of a drink at the Post Office Center. I was refering to Soy Bean milk and pancakes at a stall called 'Pin Le'. After the rain stopped, we took bus 70 and headed to Marina Square where nexus bought more modelling supplies from Miniature Hobby. After that we walked around in Carrefour at Suntec City. We were browsing for any possibly interesting stuff and we ended up resting our aching feets at the furniture section. Across the furniture section, there was this booth with a young girl in scanty tight short skirt and top dressed like a race-queen. Apparantly, she was promoting the latest Gillette Fusion 5-bladed shaver for men. I guess sex does sell. I wanted to steal some snapshots to post it here, but it seems that everytime we are near, she would look at us like some perverts. We were indeed!!! Not until the DOM (dirty old man), Carrefour staff, walked over and asked the promoter if she have had her dinner.
We met My Royal Highness for dinner at 2nd Hainan Street for dinner and later visited the River Ang Pao.

The River Ang Pao is located behind the Padang. This event takes place every year during the Lunar Chinese New Year period, where there will be lighting, trading, performances and fun fair rides.

The usual food fare you can find during a Pasar Malam (flea market).
The 12 Zodiac Signs of the Lunar Calender. This is the Year of the Pig.
Read the fortune forecast of those born in the Year of the Monkey (myself).
Chinese street performers singing at insanely impossble high pitch atypical of san-ge (songs from the rural tribes of China)
Everyone was trying to fetch themselves some congrats, peace and luck, by tossing coins to hit the small bells strung below the charms.

Some other lighting decorations.
What better way to get some fortune and luck by catching the random golden flakes spewed from the giant God of Fortune monument!