Thursday, August 18, 2005

PALMistry BOUT#2

A very lucky experience,
right after I bought my Tungsten T5 (posting soon aka PALMistry).
I had bought 2 tealight holders with rotary lampshade (S$10/ea) from a bazaar at my workplace in NUS.
One of the cheapest item you can buy there.
Each purchase of S$5 is entitled to one lucky draw coupon.
So I was entitled 4 pieces of cheapo self photocopied paper slip coupons.
I was in a hurry to get back to lab then,
hence didn't bother to drop the coupon.
Well, after 2 days, I decided to drop them in after buying my lunch.
I did.
Then, the 500cm x 500cm box was jammed packed to the max with paper thin coupons.
I would guess maybe a few thousand coupons.
I stuffed mine in like as if its not gonna fit in.
One week later...
which turns out to be TODAY!!
A student from the NUS Science Club (then the organizing committee for the bazaar) called me
and informed me that I have won this (see below):

Image hosted by
Image hosted by
Image hosted by
Image hosted by

A Palm Zire 31.
Weight-- 4.1 oz
Battery installed ( max )-- 1 Lithium polymer
Built-in devices-- Display
OS provided-- Palm OS 5.2.8
Installed RAM-- 16 MB
Processor-- Intel 200 MHzARM
Input device type-- Stylus, Touch-screen, 5-way navigation button
Display type-- STN passive matrix
Wireless connectivity-- IrDA
Connectivity device(s) included-- Docking cradle

This would do nice in my collection, but I have a Tungsten T5 already.
I would reckon selling it is an option,
that is if my lady doesn't want this as a gift from me!
Who doesn't!?
You won't believe that a GeekGod (as whom my friends claim me to be) like me,
would be hitching up with a anti-Geek girlfriend who nags at my lavish life-style (possibly wife!!?? :o)
Well she did accept my iPod mini as a treasured gift though...
but LUCKY experience...

Tuesday, August 16, 2005


The Saga Is Complete.
All forms of computing technology is indahouse!

The latest addition is one I would consider unorthodox.
Why so?
This is neither new or old.
It is a very new model and new item in my collection,
however, it is a second-hand refurbished item with not so pristine condition.
I had sourced for this online.
The contact person is either via email or via visiting his shop.
Realising that he might have many models,
I visited his place.
Small little shop in a plaza in the East.
The shop is filled with HEAPS of refurbished computer-related hardware.
I guess majority is laptops.
I was awed by the sight of a huge shelf of laptop adapters.
Nevertheless, my interest is in the palm PDAs.
They had a wide selection of Sony Clies while only Zire 71,72,Tungsten T5 and Tungsten W.
Clie are out for me, since they run with Memory Stick!
So the only palms I am interested in are the palmONEs.
There I had the Tungsten T5 in my hands, selling a price more attractive than the rest. Plus T5 is the most recent and best spec PDA, only inferior to the LifeDrive (a 4GB HDD-PDA Daemon!). All the other shoppers were eyeing on it while I alashed the price down big time! So tempted were they!
But the Tungsten T5 never left my hands since then....

Thus, now presenting...

palmONE Tungsten T5
Visit official palm Tungsten T5

The Specifications
Operating System
Palm OS® 5.4

416MHz Intel XScale™

Extra Large 320x480 Transflective TFT colour display supports 65,000 colours, landscape or portrait mode.

Built-In Bluetooth® Technology
Communicate wirelessly and share files, photos and more with nearby Bluetooth devices via integrated Bluetooth.

Rechargeable Lithium Ion battery.
256MB (215MB actual storage capacity: 160MB internal flash drive, 55MB program memory for applications and data.)

Expansion Slot
Supports SD, SDIO and MultiMediaCard™ expansion cards (sold separately) to add extra memory, features or content.

Navigation Aids
• Use the 5-way navigator button to access information with just one hand.
• Use the 4 application buttons for quick access to applications, Calendar, Contacts and files. Built-In Speaker & Stereo Headphone Jack
Listen to tunes, games, videos or audiobooks with built-in mono speaker or stereo headphones with standard 3.5 mm headphone jack.

The Gallery
Image hosted by
Image hosted by
Face + Flip case + Stylus
Image hosted by
Nav Aid
Image hosted by
IR Beam, Power Button and SD/SDIO/MMC Slot
Image hosted by
Main Display
Image hosted by
Menu Display - Potrait
Image hosted by
Menu Display - Landscape (A function only possible with Tungsten Ts)
Image hosted by
MP3 Playback with Real Player
Image hosted by
Image hosted by
Image hosted by
Image hosted by
Video Playback - Intro to Tungsten T5