Monday, February 28, 2005

New purchases from IKEA

I was at Ikea just now. I had bought a SVENNING swivel chair which cost me $49, a Tertial work lamp w clamp costing $12, Sparsam (not spasm) 11W bulbs (pack of 2) at $15.90. Damn bulb costs more than lamp. The reason being the bulb is coated with a layer of rubbery material to insulate and minimise flare. Bought some ONSKA gift wrap (pack of 3) at $5.90 ea x 2, Glis N Box 17x10 stack boxes (pack of 3 at $3.90. Last was a set of items that make up a curtain rack (rod, curtain ring, wall fitting) amounting to $11.50.

The TERTIAL work lamp on my computer table, illuminating my workspace by 5x. ~ Property of myBE@RBRICK.

The SVENNING swivel chair, providing me with hassle free wheeling pleasure. ~ Property of myBE@RBRICK.

The pain came after the purchasing. We intend to take a cab home so we queued up at the cab stand. We waited for about ten minutes, no cab...half an hour no cab....we were at the front of the bee line already... an cab! Finally a cab came, but the driver is heading for Punggol. Then the couple behind us wanted to go Jalan Kayu, so they hopped on. Damn, I should have tried saying AMK. The wait lasted for another 15mins with still not an avaliable cab in sight. All the cabs were 'on call'. Finally, we decided to call a cab. What a day!

Sunday, February 27, 2005


Finally, I get hands on the 'ever-wanted-so-badly' DVD collection. Stanley Kubrick's collection. Thanks to my dearest dear for this present all the way from Amazon, USA. Thanks to her brother, Lester, for helping me send this back through his friend. Droolzz...
Looks like I am going to lose sleep.

The complete set of nine dvds. ~ Property of myBE@RBRICK.

Includes the shows 'Lolita', 'Dr. Strangelove', '2001:A Space Odyssey'.... ~ Property of myBE@RBRICK.

... as well as 'Clockwork Orange', 'Barry Lyndon', 'The Shining'.... ~ Property of myBE@RBRICK.

...last but not least, 'Full Metal Jacket', 'Eyes Wide Shut' and 'A Life In Pictures' (a memoir of Stanley). ~ Property of myBE@RBRICK.

We Are Not Worthy!
We Are Not Worthy!

And she said,"You had better appreciate this!" . ~ Property of myBE@RBRICK.

" or else you are gonna get it from me!" . ~ Property of myBE@RBRICK.

Woah! I'm shaking in my little pants and maybe a trikle of pee out of fear.
Come on, I am not afraid of you!
But thanks for this marvellous gift, love it more than you! ^^

A day out to Stamford Art House!

Take a look at the pictures taken when I was collecting my DVDs!

The big roast duck. ~ Property of myBE@RBRICK.

A lotte gummy tweetie...chirp chirp. ~ Property of myBE@RBRICK.

Temple beside Kwan Im Temple at Waterloo Street. ~ Property of myBE@RBRICK.

Inside Stamford Art House. ~ Property of myBE@RBRICK.

A stage play on 'The Little Prince'. ~ Property of myBE@RBRICK.

Elephant puppets which are used in Indian stages. ~ Property of myBE@RBRICK.

Very nice sculptures are the unique features of an indian temple. ~ Property of myBE@RBRICK.

Fish Tank Mod

A few days back, my newly bought pump busted. The rubber pump bag had ruptured due to the continuous pumping action. This was also the fateful day, one of my goldie died. I managed to save the pump but not the fish. Why? I had used a solvent to melt the rubber together sealing the pump bag. It was able to pump again but not strong enough to pump the air into the bottom of the tank.

So it is time to upgrade!

Let me take you through.

A final look at the electro-magnetic pump. ~ Property of myBE@RBRICK.

The new pump is the Big Boy 6000 purchased from a small time fish shop at Serangoon North ('Ah Beng' Shop, as my friend would call it), costing me $5.50. ~ Property of myBE@RBRICK.

The actual pump has one valve and a 2-speed control. ~ Property of myBE@RBRICK.

A pack of microfiber synthetic wool for the filter, costing me just 80c. ~ Property of myBE@RBRICK.

A closer look at the microfibers. ~ Property of myBE@RBRICK.

The old filter before modding. ~ Property of myBE@RBRICK.

Without the filter makes the tank filthy overnight. An urgent call for a new filteration system is necessary. ~ Property of myBE@RBRICK.

Dismantling the pump was easy. ~ Property of myBE@RBRICK.

A misconception that I long had that the old filter runs with cheap lousy black stones, but I was wrong. It was a meshed foam, too bad the pores are not fine enough to perform to standard. ~ Property of myBE@RBRICK.

Cutting 2 small pieces of the new Big Boy synthetic wool. ~ Property of myBE@RBRICK.

After puncturing the wool in the middle (to guide bubbles to flow through the middle chimney) is necessary. A brand new filter. ~ Property of myBE@RBRICK.

The next challenge is to use my 1 valve Big Boy 6000 pump to channel air into the newly assembled filter and my ring stone. Despite having a Y-splitter, the air pressure difference makes the setting tricky. The air flow was biased towards the filter. This is so as the air pressure required to pump air through the ring stone was more than that of the filter. I squeezed the tubing leading to the filter and realised that the air flow shifts towards the ring stone. However, if I moderate the pressure on the tubing, I can create an even distribution of the air flow. Hence, I intelligently used 2 metal wires to crimp the tubing. With a pair of pliers, I slowly squeezed the metal wire until an equilibrium flow of air is reached. Viola! It now feeds air to the filter and the ring stone! I rather dislike the look though. I think it is a matter of time, I get a 2 valve pump or a proper multi-channel air regulator selling $1 at Rainbow. ~ Property of myBE@RBRICK.

Running short of tubing, I had to elevate the pump up on the box so that I can jack the pump to the Y-splitter. Need to get some tubing. ~ Property of myBE@RBRICK.

A look at the final outcome. The top view withing Big Boy 6000 running at Low speed. A steady stream of bubbles from both the filter and ring stone. ~ Property of myBE@RBRICK.

Violent bubbles when Big Boy ran at High speed. ~ Property of myBE@RBRICK.

A video of the bubble flow of each speed of Big Boy 6000, can be downloaded via:

Faeces starts to get trapped within the synthetic wool in the filter. ~ Property of myBE@RBRICK.

Clean waters are happy fishes, happy fishes are happy owners. ~ Property of myBE@RBRICK.

2 thumbs up to Big Boy!