Sunday, January 19, 2014

Seebaby QQ2 Stroller Review

Seebaby QQ2 Stroller

2013 International Version


You have probably seen this brand of baby stroller around. Seebaby QQ2 stroller is a 3.7kg lightweight from China, that is ridiculously cheap. You probably have a decent stroller like a Bugaboo or Stokke and you might not want to bring that monster out for groceries shopping in the neighbourhood.  The Seebaby QQ2 is a cheap and light option for these activities. 
When folded, QQ2 does not stand own its own.
This catch locks the stroller when folded. Pull up to unlock prior to unfolding.
A locking lever can be manually activated to secure the stroller when unfolded.
"Luck" sign on the wheels.
Rear wheels with brakes.
To unfold stroller, step down on the metal bar.
Footrest for older children.
In this 2013 version of QQ2, comes with an optional mama bag, which Is a simple mesh pouch.
This clip is for securing the seat in upright position. Release to put the seat in recline position.
The seat does not have any cushion, hence dont expect the baby to seat for long or nap in it. The seat is mostly mesh to give optimal air circulation to the baby. I would put my own baby pillow to give the baby head some support and keep him in position.
The front bar can be removed completely.
The stroller from various view.
There Is no 5 point harness for this model, but just a simple strap. This is one of the major flaw of the QQ2 as the baby may slide out without a groin support. This can be a potential hazard for smaller babies. However, there is a work around. Read on.
The front flap can be removed and used as a groin support with the straps to prevent the baby from sliding out. This may not be the best solution but is good for bigger kids who can sit and stick their legs out and rest on the footrest. For smaller babies, please use with care! This is why the recommended age for using QQ2 is from 6 months to 36 months.
The canopy can be folded in various positions. However, there is no full canopy.
The mesh sides of the seat is in the 2013 version of QQ2.
The front bar can be used for stroller toys.

If you are looking for a second stroller for rugged cheap use, why not get the Seebaby QQ2 which costs only S$44. You don't have to worry about this stroller get soiled or damaged. It is cheap and easily replaceable. The good is the lightweight and well ventilated seat.
The bad is the lack of cushion and groin support or 5-point harness.
All in all, Seebaby QQ2 is still a quality stroller way well worth its price! Even if you do not like the stroller after using it, it is after all not expensive to be a white elephant. If you like QQ2, you can definitely consider the more well equipped QQ3 Azure or other Seebaby strollers.