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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Day 1 in HK: Yung Kee Restaurant

Visiting one of HK's reputable restaurant that serves one of the best roast goose and famed for their century eggs as well.
Yung Kee Restaurant is a must visit for every foodie going to HK.
Need to savour the best with a platter of roast pork skin, char siew and roast goose!

Thanks to Chin Wee for helping with the reservation and let us grace your spectacular apartment.
We did had a great time with Stella, hoe and Mr Death. 

Blogged live from Hong Kong
On Samsung Galaxy Note II

Thursday, October 25, 2012

SAMSUNG GALAXY Note II 4G: unleash your creativity

LTE Edition
Jelly Bean goodness in the power of LTE

The eventual need to switch camp to the best GALAXY ever.
From Eclair, Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich and now Jelly Bean.
From 3G to 4G.
I may have already had lots of Jelly Bean goodness if I rooted my HTC Desire HD with stock Jelly Bean, Sense 4.1, TouchWiz and MIUI, but nothing can simulate the experience of TouchWiz with S Pen. Stylus may seem old technology to former Palm users like myself, but Samsung definitely capitalize on the need to have precision input on a touchscreen. The Note II S Pen did not reinvent the wand, but simply incorporate it into an already successful OS, Android. When you can already do so much more on Android compared to  other operating systems, the S Pen simply takes you further. If you are not too fancied by the S Pen, the "phablet" form factor of the GALAXY Note should have you sold. They say men like to grasp big things, I say women love it more! The first Note saw significant popularity among women, since their phones do not go into pockets but the handbag. The success of the "phablet" form sparked a slew of similar sized devices, one of which is the LG Optimus Vu. I had a chance to preview it in Korea during its launch and I must admit the LG had got it wrong. The Vu was wider and the stylus that was not fine-tipped. Samsung realized the grouses of the first Note users and perfected it by reducing its width and making it taller, so managing to increased overall estate from 5.3 to 5.5-inch. This improved the overall handheld comfort and single-handed operation. Riding on the popularity of the first Note and the raving success of GALAXY SIII, it is no wonder the GALAXY Note II received the same pre-launch high anticipation. I may have missed the pre-launch but did not take me long to secure one at a hefty discount.

The Unboxing

You can find warranty card, Quick Start Guide, micro-USB cable, headset, spare plugs and travel charger.

The Note II was launch in two colours, Titanium Grey and Marble White.
I chose the latter for the reason that it is universal colour to match any colours of cases.

In the hands
Palm-perfect and single-handed perfect!
S Pen is tad small for comfortable use, but nevertheless is like a magic wand on the Note II.

Comparison to other devices
Here is how the Note II compares to the GALAXY Tab 7.7, iPad, Incredible SSnap, Gundam EXIA Seven Swords, Olympus PEN, Instamatic, Android 4.0 mini PC, PSP and Android. 

Let SAMSUNG show you its magic!

Pimp my Note II
Everyone should pimp their GALAXY Note II.
Dual charging cable (S$3.90) and OTG cable (S$5)
Diamond screen protector ($5) and Silicone Cases (S$10 for 2)
Simply love how the white matches different coloured accessories!
That is why I chose Marble White over Titanium Grey!

When I scored the GALAXY Note II 4G, I also upgraded my data plan to 4G to leverage on the LTE device. Surprisingly at no additional charge (as yet *cross-fingers*).
The speed is spectacular! HD YouTube videos streamed smoothly, photos get uploaded to Facebook within a second, full desktop web pages loaded in seconds, apps downloaded under a minute, what more can you ask for? If you haven't got your 4G data plan, get it now! But before that, make sure your device is LTE.
Riding on the trailblazer of 4G!
Have you 4G yet?

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Although the Tab 7.7 is not LTE and not the latest 7-incher, but still the better specs device over the later Tab 2.