Weekly Performance

Monday, August 31, 2009

Up on Orchard Central Roof in Color

Previously, we took a preview of the L11-12 Roof Garden on Orchard Central in a series of B&W pictures. Now, see the same location in Color! On the second visit, I see more photographers armed wth cameras to capture different perspectives of the interesting interior decor of Orchard Central. Since no direct access is currently available, the alternative route up to the roof garden is the only way. Seems like the roof garden will not be available anytime soon, since some renovations are still pending. Eventually, the roof garden will be topped with 3 restaurants (Chinese) with 1 on Level 11 and 2 on Level 12. Before the roof garden gets crowded, this is the best time to take photos up there. Join me and see Singapore from the tallest dedicated shopping mall in Singapore!
on Orchard Central Roof
in Color

Wire sculpture of "Going Up" from Victor Tan.

Centrepoint from above

Wire sculptures by Victor Tan and the surrounding flora.

View towards the rear of Orchard Central

Visit Orchard Central at Somerset today!
Experience a completely unique shopping mall layout!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Up on Orchard Central Roof

Seems like all the hype is about Orchard ION, but I prefer to take a relaxing walk inside Orchard Central, outside all the buzz of Orchard Road. Orchard Central is the tallest shopping mall in Singapore. Topping the roof at Level 11 & 12 is a 24-hour public rooftop garden. There are a few ways to access the roof top. The fastest is definitely the lift. However, I prefer to take the outdoor escalator from street level up to mid-level, then another super escalator from mid level to top level (a challenge for someone who is vertigo), and ultimately from top level to roof. Since the rooftop is currently not officially accessible, there is an alternative way up if you explore it a bit.

on Orchard Central Roof

A super escalator that brings shoppers from the Verandah to the roof.

Exiting the escalator or lift lobby, shoppers are greeted by a water feature.
Get up close to the structures that give Orchard Central its shape.

Savour a breath-taking view above Orchard Road and the suburban.
Yes! I admit that older buildings didn't put emphasis into doing up their roof.

Water plants and wire sculptures by Victor Tan, decorates the roof.

If I can see Orchard Central dazzling in the night with colours of various mood, through my room window, means I can see my room from the roof of Orchard Central!