Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Dusty Images, Vintage Gears Part II: -"Tin Can-mera"-

Earlier on, I showed you ROBI, which I assume to be a compact camera from the old days. Among the stash, there is another similar camera. This camera does not have a brand label. Since I could not put a name to it, I shall call it "Tin Can-mera", attributed by its tin can appearance. However, its function is identical to that of ROBI. All that is known is some serial numbers as well as it being "Made in England".

-"Tin Can-mera"-
(more description required)
Bearing a similar construction to ROBI, I suspect both cameras to belong to the same generation of photography equipment. This camera has a single lens as well, but seems to have adjustments for aperture. Like ROBI, this camera has got a periscopic optical viewfinder. As usual all mechanical and no electronics involved.

above: a squarish tin with its sides clad in a thin leather finish complete with leather strap.
above right: on the side of the lens barrel is what seems like mechanical adjustments for aperture.
above: a turn-knob bearing the words "Made in England", which is joined to a lever bearing some serial numbers. this lever is probably a lock to secure the box itself to the front plate.
above right: the periscope optical viewfinder swivels 90 degrees such that a portrait camera becomes a landscape camera.
above right: a peek through the periscope optical viewfinder.
above: size does matters. during those days this tin can is consider a moderate size, still compared to high-end modern DSLR, "Tin Can-mera" is small!
Doesn't this tin can resemble a part of the armour from Iron Man Mk.I in IRON MAN movie?

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