Monday, August 17, 2009

Dusty Images, Vintage Gears Part I: ROBI

My in-laws' is truely a gem! My father-in-law is a collector and in particular an amirable passion for the vintage. Sadly, he lacked the proper knowledge of maintaining his treasures as they rested in the attic, aged and rusted. Nevertheless, they are still flawed gems that work; though not sure if the right consumable parts can still be found. In the series "Dusty Images, Vintage Gears", I will show you some treasures which I discoverd in the attic, while my father-in-law unwinds to his favourite 50s-60s 'cowboy' tunes playing on an old tape player. Thanks Dad for letting me shoot these gems, I only regret I lack the knowledge to breathe new life into this gears!

(more description required)
What seems to me is that this metal box is not any more complicated than a pin-hole camera. I believe this piece of equipment is a simple compact camera used in the old days. It has a single lens with a fixed focal length and aperture. There are not openings for hi-tech rechargeable batteries or USB ports. Unlike more modern SLR cameras, the optical viewfinder (small square sitting above the lens) is separate from the lens. It has a mirror inside such that you actually view it through the top, kind of like a periscope.

take a peek through the optical viewfinder ...
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