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Wednesday, September 02, 2020

D300 Goal Achievement - 4095K

300-Days Goal Getter

Today marks 300 consecutive days of running at least 10 km and clocking at least 10,000 steps daily!

Time flies, I have been running non-stop everyday, no matter rain or shine, haze or COVID-19, pleasure and pain, without fail, rising early at 4 a.m. to pound the tarmac of the great outdoors.

The motivation is simple to get the goal of 300 strong days.

No better way to close this personal challenge with a fast paced 16.66 km @ 5:14 min/km around the most ran route around Marina Bay, extend across Gardens by the Bay, Marina Barrage, Gardens by the Bay East, Tanjong Rhu, Singapore Sports Hub.

🔸Total distance ran: 4,095.6 km
🔸Average pace: 5:41 min/km
🔸Average speed: 10.5 kph
🔸Total time: 390 h 20 mins
🔸Total calories burnt: 263,240
🔸44 half-marathons completed
🔸Ran 11 pairs of running shoes
🔸Across Singapore, Bali, Batam, Jakarta, Johor, Kuala Lumpur

The best part of running at such ghostly hour, even at this "Hungry Ghost month",
you get to enjoy the serenity of the lovely view of Singapore landmarks.

Stay strong, stay safe, persevere !

My Gear:
UA HOVR Sonic NC x2
UA HOVR Sonic 2 x4
UA HOVR Phantom SE x1
Nike Odyssey React Flyknit 2 x1
adidas Ultraboost 19m x3
UA RUSH Celliant
Decathlon Kalenji

And yes, the challenge doesn't end here...

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Monday, April 27, 2020

Last week was another limit breaking week! 120K

Undeterred. Keeping the perseverance and motivation strong!

Highlight of the week:
🔸Break 100K weekly limit for 3rd consecutive week. 120Km @5:35min/km
🔸2x half marathons completed (along Kallang - Marina Bay - East Coast Park - Marine Parade Loop)
🔸2nd longest at 25.25Km @ 5:30min/km pace (21K clocked @1h 52min) (PB 10Mile @1h 26min)
🔸1X SUB-5 10K run @4:51min/km
🔸Run to conquered Bishan-AMK Park
🔸Run to conquered Fort Canning

Lowlight of the week:
🔻Tripped and torn knee which is pain to heal

No pain shall bring me down!
Press on and push the HR amber!

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Sunday, April 19, 2020

Limit Break 3X Day!

Another limit breaking week!
Totally undeterred!

  • Smashed the weekly 100K record at 121.8Km @ 5:58 min/km.
    Longest distance week
  • 3x half marathons recorded in a week: 21.4K, 28.44K, 23.7K
  • 2x longest runs recorded in a week
  • Longest distance and duration in a single run clocked this week
  • New long run routes unlocked.
    • 19.4.2020: Balestier - Kallang Riverside Park - F1 Pit Building - Sheares Bridge Ramp - Sheares Bridge over Tanjong Rhu - Gardens by the Bay East - East Coast Park - Parkland Green - Marine Parade - Still Road - Eunos Crescent - Eunos Link - Nissan/SEAT/Toyota/Honda/Mazda showrooms - Trinity Church Paya Lebar - Kolam Ayer Industrial Park - MacPherson - Serangoon Road - Mar Thoma - Balestier
    • 16.4.2020: Balestier - Kallang - Sheares Bridge - Gardens by the Bay East - East Coast Park - Bedok Jetty - Siglap - Victoria JC - East Coast Park - Marine Parade - Parkway Parade - Kampong Arang - Kallang - Lavender - Balestier
    • 14.4.2020: Balestier - F1 Pit Building - Esplanade - Merlion Park - Marina Bay - Gardens by the Bay - Marina Barrage - Gardens by the Bay East - Tanjong Rhu - Sports Hub - Kampong Arang - Mounbatten - Geylang Bahru - Bendemeer - Mar Thoma - Balestier
  • Completed Strava SOLOdarity Challenge
  • Completed Strava April Running Distance Challenge
  • Running on routes that I used to run and roads that I used drive.
  • Capturing first lights, a privilege from not sending kids to school.

Own it! 

Beast mode!

Let the soles burn!

Shots during the 2nd week of Circuit Breaker
Shot on Huawei Mate 20 Pro

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Project DiamondVision - BMW ///M2 Gran Tourer F46 Fog Light Change

I havr been trying to find a tutorial to change the fog light for F45/F46 but to no avail. Hope this guide helps F45/F46 owners get an idea of how it is done.

F45/F46 is unlike most Bimmers, where fog light bulb change is done through accessing from the wheel arch. F45/F46 fog light bulb change is done from the front.

This project is a conversion of the stock yellow fog lamp to Philips Diamondvision 5000K white fog lamp. The fog lamp specifications is 12V 35W H8. Do not attempt to use H8 LED which does not have canbus canceller, otherwise F46 will give error code "Fog Lamp Failure".

Locate the air vent of the fog lamp front cover.
Reach your fingers in and locate a clip. Loosen the clip and start prying open the cover. There should be 2 clips on top and 2 at the bottom. Just yank them out with brute force. Don't worry as the material is slightly soft and will not snap.
Unscrew the 2 torx screws holding the fog lamp assembly.
Lift out the whole fog lamp assembly.
Unplug the clip connector of the power supply cable, by squeezing the sides.
Dislodge the H8 bulb by turning clockwise (passenger side) and counter-clockwise (driver side).
Remove the bulb by pulling it out from the rear by holding the plastic stalk.
Insert the new bulb in reverse order of removal.
Mount the fog lamp assembly back into position and fasten on the 2 torx screws.
Do the same for the other side.
Look! Matching colors!
The reason why F45/F46 are different from other Bimmers in terms of fog lamp replacement is due to the driver side, where the rear of the fog lamp assembly is blocked by the washer reservoir. There is no way to access it from the wheel arch.

Project DiamondVision Complete!
Now you can have matching white light as the headlights.
If your headlights are led like mine, 5000K fog lamp may be slightly warmer than the headlight. For a perfect match, you can try Philips X-treme Ultinon LED H8 fog lamp which illuminates at 6000K. However, you need an additional canbus canceller, because the bulb is 12V 15W and will trigger an error code.

Have fun trying it out on your F45/F46!

Thursday, April 26, 2018

BMW X2 M Sport X - For the one who dares

M Sport X
Galvanic Gold
The first-ever BMW X2 has finally joined the line-up of BMW X series. The X2 raises a few eyebrows when it was first showcased as a concept car. Eventually, the production is an exact rendition of the concept car. There are a few firsts in the X2. The very first mind-boggling is the nomenclature of the M Sport "X" trim, on top of the existing M Sport trim. Which we will discuss the differences later in the post.

Another first is the Galvanic Gold color scheme.
 The front apron is a stark difference from the usual M Sport trim with 2 huge flanking triangles.
The kidney grille has also seem to be flipped upside-down.
 Fortunately, the X2 still retained the "6 Eyes" which is the latest X3 (G01) had dropped the round fog lights.
 The X2 sits significantly lower than an X1, staying more true to a crossover rather than a compact SUV. Imagine GLA.

 The front row is a striking resemblance to the X1.
 Since this is an M Sport X trim, it come with the entry-grade M Sport steering wheel, unlike the one on the new 5 series M Sport.
 A nice addition to entry range Bimmer is the digital instrument cluster. It seems that Bimmer is slowly trickling the tech down to entry models.
The X2 sDrive20i is a 2.0 twinpower turbo petrol paired with a 6-speed Steptronic, allowing it to complete its century sprint in 7.7 secs.
Since this is an M Sport X trim, it comes by default Cloth Hexagon/Alcantara sports seat with ///M piping.
Another first for the seat is the yellow stitching to pair the Galvanic Gold paintwork. 
 Another nice touch to interior is the violet mood light, instead of the usual amber and white.
 Despite being front-wheel drive like the X1, the 2nd row sits narrower. With the driver seat adjusted to my comfort, the X1 still allows me to slouch in the rear without touching the driver seat. For the X2, is upright seating all the way.
 Nice rim, but I would appreciate the BMW roundel to align with the ///M logo.

 The X2 tail light with a single "L" further enhances the sporty and sleek design of the X2.
Another first in a long time, BMW roundel on the C pillars. The last we see them are on classic BMW coupes.
The hatch door opens up by flipping the BMW roundel, like the 1-series.

 X2 M Sport trim
(Image Source: BMW)
 The M Sport trim may sport a similar fascia to the M Sport X, but on closer examination, the front apron is different. Furthermore, staying true to M Sport trims, even for other X series models, there are no black trims around the wheel arches and side skirts.
Without the black trims that makes and SUV look like an SUV, and with the stretched coupe-style roof line, the side profile of the X2 M Sport can easily be mistaken for a 1-series M Sport.

As of today, the X2 M Sport X sDrive20i is price around SGD 193K (COE: 37,300). According to the local agent, there will soon be a sDrive18i (3 cylinder, 1.5 Twinpower Turbo).
With that price point, it is not hard for decide to top-up for an X3 sDrive20i (G01) or save some grands with an X1 sDrive20i. After all, both X1 and X3 are still roomier than the X2, which fundamentally, getting an SUV is for the space, which X2 is an oddity. Nevertheless, it is where the X2 should fit in, a coupe-version of its "smaller" sibling, in this case, X1, just like how X4 is to an X3, and X6 is to and X5.