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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Crumpler BARNEY RUSTLE BLANKET as Daddy's Baby Bag

Daddy's Baby Bag

Who says dads have to be dull and out!
Scored a classic Crumpler BARNEY RUSTLE BLANKET messenger bag at clearance to be a baby bag.
Decided to go Green to match Oliver's Green Manduca Black Line.

Loaded with Oliver's gear and daddy's essentials.

WiiMote Clone

It has been a while since I fire up my Nintendo Wii after the few years.
I recently decided to do so, only to discover that one of my WiiMote died, because of stupid alkaline battery leaks.
Refusing to purchase a new Wiimote at regular price, I found clones online and decided to give it a go.
There are many clones available and modern ones come with Plus integrated into the same small body.
However, I decided to go for a normal one since I already had the Plus from my earlier Wiimote.

WiiMote Clone
The material feels very close to original. However, is hard to tell.
The clone comes with an identical handstrap with a cheaper feel.
The clone adapts perfectly well with the original Plus.

Compared to Original Wiimote
At first glance, it is hard to tell both apart.
However, it is apparent that the "A" button come in a darker blue shade.
The "Wii"text is also missing.
"Nintendo" text has been completely left out.
Interestingly, everything looks identical but the original battery cover does not fit well into the clone.

For S$13.80, rather than paying S$45, I must say the clone is a damn good deal!
The clone functions exactly the same as the original, with sound and vibration.
The clone comes with a silicone skin, but the make is poorer and stink of chemical. Hence, I chucked it.
The "A"button is tad less sensitive than the original though. It works, but requires a full depress and tapping will not register the command.

Time to get some Wii action!

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

gb with love - Baby High Chair

gb with love
Baby High Chair

It is time for my boy to start joining us at the dining table!

3-position recline seat.
Height adjustment to 5 different heights.
3-position tray.
5-point harness with cushion.
Collapsable chair and tray can be stowed away at the rear.
Tray can be completely removed.
Comes with a foot rest for bigger kids.

Most high chairs allow the baby to seat up till 36 months. It is the same for this. However, this gb with love High Chair is narrower compared to any other brands out in the market. We chose this because of the price and also it is narrower. How contrary? Yes, it keeps the baby more snug and lesser crawling out.

Shot and blogged on Android

Sunday, March 30, 2014

THULE Crossover 25L Backpack

Thule Crossover 25L Backpack

An addiction to the quality of Thule,
get the Crossover backpack which is made with highly durable water-resistant Nylon which is better than EnRoute Strut Daypack.
There are 3 colours: Black, Navy and Turquoise. 

SafeZone for storing eyewear or gadgets.
Side pocket.
Front pocket for laptop adaptor etc.
Metal bucket to retain the shape of the backpack
A handle at the base as well.
Main compartment for laptop.
Front compartment with embedded pockets.
Tough meshed shoulder straps.

Love THULE from Sweden

Shot on Sony QX10 on Android
Blogged on Android

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