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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Hyundai Slow Juicer [Updated]

Hyundai Slow Juicer
[Updated 30th July 2014]
Everyone deserves a healthy treat.
The Hyundai Slow Juicer from Seoul, Korea comes at an affordable price for every household. Not to be confused with the popular Korean slow juicer,  Hurom, this utilizes the same engineering principles to deliver delicious, healthy juice for your family.
Slow juicer in action.
A healthy boost of ABC: Apple, Beetroot, Celery & Carrots.

Juice and pulp properly separated.
The product: ABC Juice
The proper way to test the quality of the juice is to conduct the "Hurom test". The juice is left to stand overnight. The verdict is no separation of layers. The Hyundai Slow Juicer has passed the test!

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Playskool Poppin' Park Roll 'n Pop Express

Playskool toys can be really fun for the kids and parents. I particularly adore their Poppin' Park series where coloured balls will pop out of the toys, keeping the baby or toddler amused and focused.
Scored the Roll 'n Pop Express during a sale. This big eye-catching red train pops ball up as it chugs along, while a random sound effect is triggered and the monkey bops up and down.
Comes with 3 coloured balls and is compatible with all toys from the same series.
I bought the Playskool Elefun which was the Toy of the Year in 2013 and I am seriously amused by it myself. Subconsciously playing with it even when the baby is not. It is fun, but may not be so for parents who dislike moving around to catch the stray balls.
The size is right for a 9-month old and above. Parents need not worry about small parts that can be potential choking hazards.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Xiaomi MiPower

MiPower 10400mAh

小米MiPower is a highly rated powerbank which delivers 10400mAh of juice to mobile gadgets. Seriously, where do you find something this capacity at S$13.99? Even the Sanyo Eneloop 5000mAh is more than S$60. So look no further and race to grab a MiPower.
MiPower is capable of charging up iPad which draws a lot of juice.

There are many clones available online but it is best to get from official Xiaomi store to ensure you get the authentic MiPower. I am sure that you do not want your powerbank to blow up in flames like Challenger's housebrand Valore powerbank.

Look what came in the mail today.
How often do you get an IFU with a Powerbank?
The MiPower in bigger and heavier than the eneloop.

Shot on Sony QX10
Blogged on Android

Monday, May 19, 2014

Xiaomi Mi In-Ear Headphones (IF Special Edition)

Mi In-Ear Headphones (IF Special Edition)
The Mi In-Ear Headphones deserves a re-post for itself as it is really quality stuff worth sharing.

The Mother's Day Bundle comes with the new in-ear earphones which retails at only $19.99. But do not undermine this earphones, as the "Pistons 2" are highly rated equivalent to branded earphones. Check out the review here:
The "Pistons 2" is also a IF Design award gadget.
The "Pistons 2" is an Android-optimised headset.

Xiaomi Redmi (小米□红米) - Round 2 - Mother's Day Bundle

小米□ 红米



The Redmi sales is open again! Decided to go for the Mother's Day Bundle which comprises of Redmi, USB adaptor, Pink silicone case, Clear screen protector and XiaomiisIn-ear headset "Pistons 2" for S$197. The standard Redmi retails at S$169 and there are some savings here with a bundle. Ordered an additional Clear screen protector.
As usual, Danboard receives the arrival of the second Redmi. Note that Redmi does not come with a Danboard, you might find a MiBunny if you are lucky.

Xiaomi Redmi pink silicone soft gel case.
I can't choose the colour since it is Mother's Day bundle, its default to pink.
The bundle came with 1 pack of Clear screen protector. Scored an additional pack only to realize that each pack comes with 2pcs of screen protectors.
The standard Redmi kit comes with 2 microSIM adaptors. Redmi uses standard SIM unlike Samsung and iPhones.

Mi In-Ear Headphones (IF Special Edition)
The Mother's Day Bundle comes with the new in-ear earphones which retails at only $19.99. But do not undermine this earphones, as the "Pistons 2" are highly rated equivalent to branded earphones. Check out the review here:
The "Pistons 2" is also a IF Design award gadget. 
The "Pistons 2" is an Android-optimised headset.

Eco Redmi Package

The Unboxing

Inside the Redmi
The Redmi sports a dual SIM slots for GSM and WCDMA. So you can put a prepaid card along with your own SIM, while travelling. Or you can put a data plan SIM along with a basic non-data mobile plan.
The standard kit comes with a 2050mAh battery pack. If you are always on the phone, you can score a backup battery for just $10 and a desktop battery charger at the same price! Xiaomi is outright frank that China manufactured gadgets are cheap and don't expect you to pay skyrocket prices for these accessories by slapping on a brand. The most honest equipment manufacterer, who dares challenge Xiaomi to that?

Booting Up to MIUI
Immediately after booting up the Redmi, you will receive a push update OTA to update your Redmi.

Pimp the Redmi with Official Accessories

Here are some photos of the Redmi from my first Redmi review.

Sample Photos
In my first Redmi review, I had highlighted its impressive BSI 8MP rear camera which captures sharp pictures with punchy colors in good light. It is a little shy in comparison to a Galaxy Note II under low light conditions. Nevertheless, a very capable camera for a cheap Android phone.

Product shots on Sony QX10
Blogged on Android
Sample photos shot on Xiaomi Redmi

Do check out my first review here:

Xiaomi Redmi (小米○红米) Singapore Version
 1st Redmi Review

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