Wednesday, July 27, 2005

New Gear Alert! W1900 LCD TV

Just when we are wondering what we is going to be the next input into my gear collection,
a new addition to the family.

DELL W1900 19-inch Multimedia LCD TV.
The Dell W1900 LCD TV provides a terrific TV viewing experience.
With 1280 x 768 resolution, it is optimized for DVD, today's standard TV signals, and tomorrow's High Definition broadcast standards.
The W1900 also includes full picture-in-picture capabilities so you can work on your PC and watch TV at the same time.
Using the W1900 as a TV attached to a PC also allows new possibilities - such as leveraging large PC hard disk drives as storage space for TV recordings.
A perfect companion with my Hauppage PVR-150 (too bad it ain't a HD-ready TV card).

Wide Aspect display and new Dell "Stratosphere" appearance -- including piano black speakers
Large Viewing Area - 19" Diagonal creates 158 sq in (1022 viewable area
Display has 1280 x 768 resolution (16:9 capable) optimized for TV & DVD viewing and supports side by side viewing of two standard aspect (4:3) windows
Excellent out of box experience: The TV is ready to use right out of the box and even includes all the cables you're likely to need, except a component cable
An easy-to-use long range remote is included and includes a lighted numeric keypad (in Dell blue, of course) for dim rooms

High 600:1 contrast ratio and 450 nits brightness
DCDITM by Faroudja video processing technology for crisp, clear images with fast-paced action video
Excellent audio experience — Integrated 14-watt (total) stereo speakers
Full connectivity including Audio-Video inputs (2 Component, Composite, S-Video and 7 RCA Audio inputs) as well as PC inputs (VGA, DVI-HDCP and PC Audio)

Screen type 19-inch LCD TV
Aspect ratio 16:9
Audio output 7 watts/channel integrated speakers
Video features 1280x768 resolution, 600:1 contrast ratio, Three picture-in-picture modes, SCTV and HDTV-ready,
Other features remote control, ships with power, VGA, DVI, S-video, composite and audio cables
Dimensions (WxDxH) 604 mm x 168 mm x 424 mm
Weight 9.7 kg (with stand)


Saturday, July 23, 2005

What are we interested next?

I ask myself what will be next?
People are envious of my extravagant lifestyle.
But please don't be.
Although my recent indulgence is not indeed a very expensive one,
but it is by far the most expensive one since I was back from Oz.
I have to thank all that hard work and the 0.4 mth + $200 bucks bonus!
No! Not that it is sufficient to cover my purchase, but it just paid off the majority of it.
So, back to the question.
What will be next?
A few items are on the wishlist
1. LCD monitor for my PC rig
2. Ram Boost to 1GB or more for my PC rig
3. Wireless modem/router

I am just wondering whether I should get them anytime soon.
I guess probably in 2006.

Unless there are kind souls out there....

Friday, July 22, 2005

The STiKFAST band

The Stikfast band comprise of the 2 latest kits released.
Image hosted by
Let's rock this joint ! Other members include blister pink beta female, alpha male pirate and blister G2 alpha male.

The alpha male - Rockstar
Image hosted by
A 7-piece drum set intricately designed to mimic a real one.
Image hosted by
The G2 alpha male on the drums.
Image hosted by
Rock Skool it is! From left to right, alpha male Pirate on the stratocastor bass guitar, G2 alpha male on the drums while Rockstar jams with the electric guitar.
Image hosted by
It is Rockstar on the electric guitar.
Image hosted by
The package.

The beta female - Popstar
The popstar complements the rockstar alpha male in theme.
Kit comes with a pink beta female with a tone slightly off that of blister pack pink beta female.
Image hosted by
Jo is your nexy popstar in Stikfas idol.
Image hosted by
Singin a song for six pence a pocket full of rye...
Image hosted by
Jo jams with Terry on her sax. A keyboard stands in for the mix.
Image hosted by
Nice Les Paul series guitar.
Image hosted by
Some of the main accessories accompanying Jo.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Ridin' on a Tiger

The Tiger is in the house.
A wondeful collaboration with codename:orange.
I have successfully integrated myself with the Tiger OS X 10.4.
Not to worry.
I have accomodated a new gear in my life, and this gear is none other than an,
Apple iBook G4.
I have acquired it at a much cheaper rate than the stores.
Plus I get a 512MB Ram upgrade and Office:mac F.O.C.

The Specifications
PowerPC G4 1.2GHz
512K L2 Cache
30GB Ultra-ATA HDD
Slot-loading combo drive (CDRW/DVD)
ATI Mobility Radeon 9200 with 32MB VRAM
12.1-inch diagonal TFT active matrix XGA color display
Firewire 400
2xUSB 2.0

Lets' wait no longer.
The glory of this marvellous mobile rig.

The Gallery

Image hosted by
The iBook body is manufactured with higly durable classic apple white polycarbonate plastic.
The translucent apple logo glows in dim blue-white light during operation.

Image hosted by
Featuring a white classic apple polycarbonate chassis and armed with a Tiger.

Image hosted by
The prime of a OS. Tiger OS X 10.4 in installation.
The mobile rig features a 12-inch (diagonal) TFT XGA panel with resolution up to 1024x768.

Image hosted by
Box shot A.

Image hosted by
Box shot B.

Image hosted by
Box shot C.

Image hosted by
Box shot D.

Image hosted by
Designed in Californa. The all-so-familiar apple packaging style.

Image hosted by
Unravelling the interior, reveals a Tiger OS X manual, together with the VGA cables and power cables.

Image hosted by
Laying out the accessories. We have the cables, receipt, Bundle of CD including Tiger OS X 10.4, Panther OS X 10.3, apple installation softwares, iWork trial CD, Tiger and Panther manual, iBook Operations guide and Apple Protection guide.

Image hosted by
Embedded below the top layer is the iBook sitting snugly within a foam crater.

Image hosted by
The ports. Kensignton lock port, Telephone jack 56K modem, RJ45 ethernet,
Firewire 400, USB2.0, USB2.0, VGA out, headphone jack.

Image hosted by
Slot-loading combo drive.

Image hosted by
White keypad with iSkin.

Image hosted by
The AC supply into the iBook indicated by 2 tone LEDs. Yellow for AC supply with battery full, Orange for charging under AC supply.

Image hosted by
Classic style AC adapters with multi-swappable plugs.

Image hosted by
"Behold the Holy Apple!!!"

Image hosted by
Image hosted by
As we G2 alpha males gather and rejoice with the arrival of the iBook G4.
"Geared for a new way to play" as the Stikfas slogan goes.
P.S. BanYJ uses .mac in designing of Stikfas too.