Thursday, July 27, 2006

Golden Rooster @ Balestier

I had initially thought that the Golden Rooster @ Balestier was good, as recommended by 'Makan Places Lost and Found'.
I have decided to finally try it yesterday.
I ordered the Happiness Plate which includes a drumstick, full wing, breast, bun and fries, all for $5.
Apparantly, the taste and testure was only a so-so.
Given the choice, KFC still rocks!

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a franchise of Tenderfresh

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a simple yet comprehensive menu of western food

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I guess the owner binges a lot on the job.

Johnny Depp is...

Jack Sparrow

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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Food for neXus

You want nasi lemak?
You get nasi lemak!

S$1.90 + 30c Vege = Eat Till Shiok!

Value Meal

These are some meals that I had this week.
I find the price reasonable thus I call them value meals!

Nasi Lemak - $1.90
Hup Lee Nasi Lemak & Economic Bee Hoon
Available at selected hawker centres, there is one at the market in my vicinity.
Comes with a fragrant coconut rice, a succulent chicken wing fried in paenut oil, fried ikan bilis (anchovy) and peanuts, sunny-side up egg, last but no lesat, the 'champion' chilli paste.
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Stingray and black pepper chicken with rice - $7.50
Macpherson Kopitiam
North Bridge Road
The coffee shop sells this set in various combinations, from $6 to $7.50. The combination is versatile with combinations of selected seafood and regular stir-fry style chicken. Shown below is the pan fried stingray topped with fried chilli paste and black pepper chicken with rice.
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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Age of War: Descent of the ZEON Dragons

My latest Gundam production and CG work.

Age of War: Descent of ZEON Dragons
modelled using HGUC 1/144 MS-06 Zaku II

Information available at GunplaHero
Click on CG promo poster to access actual sized image.
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All Rights Reserved.
Gunpla Model and CG by mybearbrick.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Revoltech King Gainer - Overman

I was going through my regular online toy scouting,
when I cam across this Revoltech King Gainer Overman.
It captured my attention and immediately soaked my taste buds!!
Along the same line, three different Evangelion robots and some Getter bots were released.
I liked the series for the customizability and accessories.
But never put my heart to buying it because of the factory quality painting and details.
But I swear that my opinion changed the very moment I saw the King Gainer Overman!
Despite not having watched the anime prior, I am so captivated by the design.
So for a merer 1900yen, $ $ for it!

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Friday, July 07, 2006

3rd ICT - Field Report

The 3rd ICT just ended today with a remedial training (RT) for IPPT failures.
An amazing number of 160+ personnels participated the RT session.
It was tiring but fun, though we didn't get the privilege of out-processing earlier.

The first day was a briefing and an IPPT test.
The second was IMT.
The third day was the actual live-firing 100m range.
While the last day (today), was a battalion games day and RT session.

I was also quite surprised when I won myself a 'Best Soldier' award.
I had received one during my service time, thus making this my second.
Now I know why I was made Battery IC during range day!

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