Sunday, April 30, 2006

Sony Ericsson K750i

Finally, after the long wait (more than a year), the price of Sony Ericsson (SE) K750i has dropped to a low of S$198. I saw the ad while I was at Parkway Parade. Since I have a S$100 voucher letter to get a new phone with extension of my contractual plan (upgrade), I decide to get it. Though I wasn't really anticipating to get a phone then, but I have long been eyeing on this phoen for a long time. So my homework is already done long ago. At the moment of purchasing, I was deciding between Dopod 585 (S$128) and the SE K750i. It seems that K750i outshines the Dopod 585 in too many ways.

All in all, paying S$98 bucks for this excellent gadget is a good deal!

The marketing strategy.
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Among the accessories included, Memory Stick Duo Adapter - To convert the included MSD card into standard MS size.
Other accessories include USB data cable, stereo headset, lanyard, charger unit and software CD. The deal came with a free S$8 prepaid M-card.

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  • General Network GSM 900 / GSM 1800 / GSM 1900
  • Size Dimensions 100 x 46 x 20.5 mm
  • Weight 99 g
  • Display Type TFT, 256K colors
  • Size 176 x 220 pixels, 28 x 35 mm
    - Wallpapers, screensavers
  • Ringtones Type Polyphonic (40 channels), MP3
  • Customization Composer, download, order now
  • Vibration
  • Memory Phonebook 500 x 20 fields, Photo call
  • Call records 30 received, dialed and missed calls
  • Card slot Memory Stick Duo Pro, 64 MB card included
    - 38 MB shared memory
  • Data GPRS Class 10 (4+1/3+2 slots), 32 - 48 kbps
  • Bluetooth , v2.0
  • Infrared port
  • USB
  • Features Messaging SMS, EMS, MMS, Email, Instant Messaging
  • Browser WAP 2.0/xHTML
  • Games Yes + downloadable, order now
  • Color: Oxidized Black
  • Camera 2 MP, 1632x1224 pixels, autofocus, video, flash
    - MP3/AAC player
    - Video player
    - Java MIDP 2.0
    - T9
    - FM radio with RDS
    - Image viewer
    - Picture editor
    - Organiser
    - Voice memo
    - SyncML
    - Built-in handsfree
  • Battery Standard battery, Li-Po 900 mAh (BST-36)
  • Stand-by Up to 400 h
  • Talk time Up to 9 h

Phone body
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Left (Zoom/Volume lever), Right (Shutter button).
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Slide open lens cover activates the camera. Flash light above the sliding door is powered by ultrabright LEDs.
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coming soon.... pictures from k750i 2MP camera.

Look into the eyes of horror....

The Ring X

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Oowashi Akatsuki Gundam

The second rated 'HG-GOLD' kit is non other than the Akatsuki Gundam with Oowashi backpack piloted by Cagalli.
I am not surprised that I will see it first at Comic Connection, but I am surprised that it is released.
Anyway, I will never get from the cutthroat shop, instead I'll patiently wait for my supplier to provide me. expecting to be S$34 (same as Shiranui Akatsuki)
Check out the bling bling!

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Friday, April 28, 2006

Tua PAO Sway PAO!

Tua PAO Sway PAO!
(big bags small bags)

Picked these up today.
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There is an ongoing weekend sale at OG and Metro Departmental Stores. I decide to grab these NG 1/144 kits for future customizations. I got myself 2x M1 Astray, 1x Sword Impulse and 1x Saviour Gundam while I got 1x Blast Impulse for Desmond.
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Got these from G-man. All at S$18 each. Not the best deal but reasonable for me. HG 1/144 Gunner Zaku Warrior Lunamaria and Force Impulse for myself and green Gunner Zaku Warrior for Desmond. Don't ask me why the impulse. ITS FOR CUSTOMISING Blast Impulse!
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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Led Mirage ver.3

A new kit from Five Star Stories by Wave.

The Led Mirage Ver.3

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Check out the tree plastic, looks like GD Model leh....
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3 9

The subject may sound like a code or something.
But its not.
It is this herbal toothpaste that my mum bought from china and making us, whole family, use it!
What next? 6 9 facial wash???

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Chocolat for everyone!
I was early enough today to see Santa Claus giving our candies to everyone in the company.
Kim, my administrative officer, roped me in to help her deliver chocolates to everyone before they come to work.
My company is celebrating its 10th year since the merger of two greatest pharmaceuticals of our time, forming the present establishment.

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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Dophin KF-350

I must emphasize that the name is Dophin and not Dolphin.
So try not to relate the fish pump filter to the marine fish.
I just bought this pump from the infamous 'Ah Beng' fish shop at Serangoon North.
It just cost me only S$7.50.

Dophin KF-350 Internal Filter
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Like a model kit, it requires some kind of assembly.
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The switch that is intended to regulate the flow. Apparantly it makes no difference.
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Click on images below to download the video on the power of pump
or click this link to download:
Feel the power
you can even see on of my goldie being blown away by the current. How are my goldies gonna rest at night?? I'll have to monitor that.
Feel the power
Feel the power

Take Order!!

When I talk about taking order,
I don't mean taking a charge order,
which our CSM loves to threaten us with.

"Take Order" means taking order for the HG 1/144 Oowashi Akatsuki
Japan: Late April
Japan: 2400Yen
MyBe@rBrick: 2nd Quarter May
MyBe@rbrick: as of Akatsuki Shiranui

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Time to start reservation!!

Subject on Relativity

Today we will be having a lesson on Relativity.
Samuel Decals with Relative Comparison.

1/100 Lunamaria Hawke Custom Decal
Relative Comparison
click on above image to reveal the answer.

Comparison of 3 decal sets.
Top: 1/100 Lunamaria Hawke
Middle: HG 1/144 Destiny Gundam
Bottom: HG 1/144 Strike Freedom Gundam

All of a sudden, it seem apparant that Destiny Gundam has got the most worthwhile decal set compare to the rest. Price-wise, both Destiny and SF simply cost me S$12.80. There is more to the Destiny Gundam's decals. Lets flip it over to examine it further.
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Friday, April 21, 2006

Shipment Arrived!

Finally, the shipment for last month's order has arrived today.
Picked it up immediately after work at Chinatown MRT exit,
So I took the EW line from BV to Outram Park and walked towards the NE line.
I had the intention not to exit, so that I can head back home straight.
I was like looking left, right, center, for the correct exit.
I even called him a few times to double check.
Damn! He has arrived but there isn't an exit A.
After 15 minutes of loitering in the gantry platform,
I decide to exit the train station in search for the exit A.
Well, I exited at New Bridge Road, which is correct.
But I emerged opposite Pearls Center.
Then I realised my big blunder!!
I have been waiting at OUTRAM PARK NE line station!!!
I hastly made my way along new bridge road towards Lucky Chinatown as re-arranged.
I could have just boarded the NE line and took a stop to Chinatown stop, swap at DG back to NS line.
If I could... that is.

HGUC Zeta Gundam Gryphios War, HGUC Palace Athene and HG 1/144 Murasame Mass Production Unit. One Gryphios War set for neXus and one Murasame MP for Desmond. The rest are for myself. *droolz
I decide that I shall not post pictures of the Murasame MP since it really makes no difference between Andorew Waldfeld and the MP verison, except the color scheme.
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HGUC Palace Athene
Although I have gotten this previously for neXus. I fell in love with this kit through acquired appreciation. I wanted it because of the unique MS stand, only when I inspected the contents, did I realise that only Aissimar and Gabtheley comes with the unique MS stand. It doesn't matter though, since I have intentions in getting the Gabtheley as well. I simply love the Palace Athene for its size is that of a 1/100 kit though it is juust 1/144 scale. Enormous MS.
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HGUC Zeta Gundam Gryphios War
This is a box set inclusive of 3 kits, Zeta Gundam, Hyaku Shiki and Mk.II Gundam. This box set is named after the phenomenal battle in the series, Gryphios War. The manual is rather interesting (too bad I don't read Japanese), which describes about the Gryphios War and the MS involved. I am quite surprised when the tree for Mk.II came as light seagray color. I always had the impression that Mk.II is like regular RX-78 color scheme. The Hyaku Shiki comes coated with a brilliant sparkling-gold chrome finish. The instruction manual also teaches how to appropiate trim out such coated kits.
S$55 for this kit? Isn't this a real steal?
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bling! bling!
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Its blinding!!! Argh!!!
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Since I have already exited the train station,
I might just drop by CSC to see what in.
Following that, a good dinner at Hans eases my depressing TGIF.
They say having dinner alone suck, but I love this sort of serenity once in a while.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

A walk in SMU

I was at the Lee Kong Chian Business School of SMU,
when my gf and I decided to explore the campus.
We all know that the campus is made up of several buildings on various adjacent sites.
However, I have heard that all the buildings are linked up by a gigantic basement mall.
Reluctant to believe how true it is,
we decided to explore the basement.
My jaw dropped the very moment I stepped foot off the elevator.
The map clearly indicates the massive underground facility.
The facility, apart of linking up all the buildings of SMU, houses theatrettes, 'kopi-tiam', retail shops, gymnasium (an impressively well-equipped one), music halls etc.
Most of the retail shops are not operational yet though.
I felt like I am in a completely different environment, that is different from a regular campuses. I guess NUS is nothing compared to SMU.
All of a sudden, I felt a surge of emotions like being a student again.

I am very glad that I have explored this place before it gets flooded by students and day-to-day commuters who just refuse to walk under the scorching sun.
So time to do it now if you haven't.

A Visit at Nakamoto Again

This is today's damage.
Includes my own and Desmond's kits.
As usual, it is 30% discount.
So I decided to grab the Sword Strike to complete my tri-strike 1/100.
I was contemplating on getting a HG Justice, but decide to wait.
I got an HG Aegis to complete my 5 basic Seed Gundams.
Mobile Ginn is now in complete line with San Miguel's Ginn, Ginn Type High Maneuver and Ginn THM 2.
Desmond got himself the Aegis as a spare and a Calamity for the backpack.
So dude, are you still getting a NG Calamity?

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Monday, April 17, 2006

Pro-Spray Mk.III In The HOUSE

I just decided to visit Seiyu to check out the retail of the airbrush which I am getting today.
The retail price is S$119.95.
My price is S$57.50.
I must say it is a reasonable price.

Here it is.
It is rather old in the packaging but the contents are sure unused.
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