Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Pimp my iPad 2 Part 3

The reason I love Apple products are the vast selections of cheap apparels.
My favourite vender has just updated their range of cheap clones for me to Pimp my iPad 2.
The case comes with a free screen cleaner.

This black case is unlike my earlier Scarlet version.
This case is a slip-in pouch that comes with a Apple iPad 2 Smart Cover-like flap.
The design of the flap is exactly like the Smart Cover, so you can expect the flap to do the same job as the Smart Cover.
The texture of the case is in faux felt finish.

Low angle stand mode

High angle stand mode

Most apparel stores will sell such a similar case at around S$40.
I scored this for S$19 only :)

Sunday, August 28, 2011

CAO Mop - Spin and Go Pro mop clone

If you are a homemaker or simply just want to have a cleaner, easier and hassle-free floor-mopping experience,
do away with the traditional mop heads that drips non-stop and requires occasional hang-wringing.
Spin mops are the in thing these days.
It first started with the original Spin and Go Pro sold at a premium price tag, however, clones have been making their way into the heartland malls.
Not only are the clones cheaper, some of them have an even better design of the original.

After researching on a couple of clones ranging from S$29-$49, from step-spin models to standalone spinner models, I have decided to get the CAO Mop from Taiwan. The CAO Mop is distributed by a local agent and consigned at all OG outlets. To see a live demonstration, visit OG Chinatown.


So how is the CAO Mop different from the original?
Apart from the slight differences in appearance, the CAO Mop utilizes a glass ball bearing which gives smooth and fast spinning with the possibility of rusting and greasing.
The CAO Mop spinner assembly is improvised with a splash guard which prevents splashes while the water is spun out from the mop head.
Otherwise, there is really nothing much different, you can also use the replacement mop heads from any clones.

The ongoing promotion comes with a free microfiber dry mop wipe worth S$10.

4th September 2011

CAO Mop head
This mop head is a replaceable item. It can be purchased from any major departmental store.
If you observe the design, it is actually a universal design with other brands and clones.
If you cannot find the CAO Mop head, just buy any of the clone mop heads or the Spin-and-Go Pro mop head.
The mop head is attached to the base of the mop stick.
Check out their effort to make a fan blade design :p
The mop head can flex at angles to make mopping possible at various angles.
The mop head has 2 sets of strands; inner ring are short strands while outer ring are long strands.

Watch how fast the CAO Mop spin and go!

4th September 2011
Check out the CAO Mop in action from dripping to dry in seconds!
Notice how the improvised splash guard prevents water splatters during spinning, something missing in the original Spin and Go Pro.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Cabbage madness at Saboten

If you are into katsu and cabbage, you have to visit Saboten.
Yes, the finest shredded cabbage, the most crunchy and tasty cabbage ever are free flow!

Grind and pound the sesame seeds...

... drench the ground sesame in tangy barbeque sauce, making up the perfect dip for the fry.

Saboten is famous for their pork loin katsu.

The breaded crust is perfected. It is not only tasty and crunchy, the minute you sink into the crisp crust, it melts smoothly in your mouth. Frankly, nothing compares!

Savour the fat, trust me, the taste is premium!

Try out other variations croquette such as ebi-fry, crab cream, asparagus cheese etc.

Saboten, imho serves up the best katsu in Singapore.
At set meals priced around $20, free flow of rice, miso soup and crunchy sweet cabbage, it is definitely value for the monthly.
Go Saboten today and knock yourself out with the best katsu!

Enjoy a free matcha ice cream at the end to make it a sweet ending.

Shot and posted on HTC Desire HD

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

P.S. Cafe @Palais Renaissance

No better way to spend your afternoon doing brunch, meeting people.

P.S. Cafe

Homemade Savory Waffle

Enjoy a twist to your usual maple waffles.

Waffles stuffed with bits of tomatoes, served with cheese, Bacon and egg.

If you like it scrambled, ask the chef to make it special.

P.S. Breakfast Stack

Poached egg, tomatoes, mushroom and a savory muffin bread, served with greens in balsamic vinegarette.

The perfect blend of mild bitter and tangy greens.

A generous slab of portobello funghi.

There is never a better way to end a happy moment with a burst of juices!

P.S. I love you

To brunch I declare my love!

Monday, August 08, 2011

O' Friend

Say Good Morning to my good o' friend!

Relive a New Majestic experience

Spare ribs

Double boiled seafood treasures and black truffle soup

Peking Duck

Wasabi cream prawns

Kailan stem with 3 mushrooms and macademia nuts

Thank you wife for letting us relive the experience!

Shot and blogged on HTC Desire HD.