Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Cabbage madness at Saboten

If you are into katsu and cabbage, you have to visit Saboten.
Yes, the finest shredded cabbage, the most crunchy and tasty cabbage ever are free flow!

Grind and pound the sesame seeds...

... drench the ground sesame in tangy barbeque sauce, making up the perfect dip for the fry.

Saboten is famous for their pork loin katsu.

The breaded crust is perfected. It is not only tasty and crunchy, the minute you sink into the crisp crust, it melts smoothly in your mouth. Frankly, nothing compares!

Savour the fat, trust me, the taste is premium!

Try out other variations croquette such as ebi-fry, crab cream, asparagus cheese etc.

Saboten, imho serves up the best katsu in Singapore.
At set meals priced around $20, free flow of rice, miso soup and crunchy sweet cabbage, it is definitely value for the monthly.
Go Saboten today and knock yourself out with the best katsu!

Enjoy a free matcha ice cream at the end to make it a sweet ending.

Shot and posted on HTC Desire HD

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