Sunday, July 31, 2011

Philips Air Fryer in Action

Check out my Basil Karage Chicken and Spring Roll fried by air. The Chicken sizzles as it leaves the fryer.

Friday, July 22, 2011

ATake on Magic Mouse

Hoot this $15.90 clone of the Magic Mouse.

Atake 1000dpi optical mouse sleek and slim.

Touch scroll and touch center mouse button.
Just like Magic.
What a lame rip off! But a cheap hoot!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Dark Knight Rises Trailer

Just can't get enough of The Dark Knight!
This time is Christian Bale with Anne Hathaway!

Hot Toys Iron Man 2: 1/6th scale Suit-Up Gantry with Mark IV

It is time to drool boys!
Like as if we haven't had enough of Hot Toys Iron Man series merchandise.
Knock yourself out with this fabulous Stark Expo diorama!

Iron Man 2 Mark IV with Suit-Up Gantry
Limited Edition
For those who already got the Mark IV,
the Suit-Up Gantry is sold separately.

The Dark Knight Rises

Cannot wait for the next Dark Knight movie!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

TP-LINK 300Mbps Wireless N Router

TP-LINK Wireless N Router
Official Site

Since I have an now using a 50Mbps fiber broadband, I should really utilize the speed of the internet access.
I decide to swap out my old ZyXEL Wireless G Router that transmits at 54Mbps, and go for a Wireless N router.
Wireless N routers are available at 150 Mbps and 300Mbps speeds, with a small price gap.
Instead of setting for a S$25 150Mbps Wireless N router, I decide to fork out a bit more to get a 300Mbps Wireless N router.
I found the cheapest 300Mbps Wireless N Router in Sim Lim at a mere S$40!
TP-LINK actually has another similar version of the same router with product code TL-WR841ND, which comes with 2 detachable Omnidirectional 5dB antenna.

Contents include guides, installation CD, router with fixed dual antennas, power adaptor and an RJ-45 cable.

TP-LINK 300Mbps Wireless N Router

The router comes with 2 fixed 5dB antenna.
This means I cannot swap the antenna with any extended range antennas.
These 2 5dB antenna setup on this router adopts MIMO-technology which bounces the signal better to give me more coverage in my rooms.

The rear of the router has a WAN input port, 4 LAN output ports. power button, Quick connect button and 2 5dB antennas capable of rotation and folding.

This S$40 TP-LINK Wireless N Router comes with a 3 years warranty, which is very important for a device that works 24/7.
How does it fare compared to the old wireless G router with an extended antenna?

Left: Before on old ZyXEL Wireless G Router
Right: After on new TP-LINK 300Mbps Wireless N Router
With the new 300Mbps Wireless N Router, WiFi speed has been improved tremendously!
Download speed improved by more than 5x; Upload speed improved by more than 3x.

The bottleneck of my home setup are the 150Mbps Wireless N adaptors in my laptops and desktop.
The 300Mbps is probably redundant now but serves as future proof.
I had initially thought of rigging up with Homeplugs with WiFi capability, however, that will set me back by at least S$120! My S$40 TP-LINK 300 Mbps Wireless N Router does all the work!

Too bad my new TP-LINK Wireless N Router comes with fixed dual 5dB antenna, I cannot utilize my Aztech 7dB High Gain antenna.
Nonetheless, the faster Wireless N Network and MIMO-technology is able to bounce the signal better into the room and gives an overall much faster rating (though only half of the maximum download speed of 44Mb/s).

With this speed, I can already do HD streaming in my room with no interruptions at all. What more do I still want to ask for?

I love my Fiber connection and new cheap Wireless N Router!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Aztech Wireless Omni-Directional High Gain Antenna

Aztech Wireless extended range 7dB antenna

This 7dB antenna gives routers a boosted range. This antenna works on any router with a standard screw-on type antenna.
How well does this extended range 7dB antenna work?

Left: Wireless G Router with 5dB antenna
Right: Wireless G Router with 7dB antenna
On the Wireless G Network, the max download speed is around 8.5 to 9Mb/s. In the room with the poorest signal strength, the speed tends to linger around 4 to 7.5Mb/s. However, after switching to the 7dB antenna, the signal strength is stronger and boosts the speed up to the max speed.

M1 Fiber Speed Test - Day 8 - on a new 300Mbps wireless-n network

M1 Fiber 50Mbps Speedtest Day 8
Speedtest based on WiFi connection to TP-LINK 300Mbps wireless n-router with dual 5dB antennas.
1. Connection in Hall (next to router)

2. Connection in Room B

3. Connection in Room C

Before the installation of the new TP-LINK 300Mbps wireless-n router, the following Speedtests were conducted based on WiFi connection to ZyXEL wireless g-router.

1. Connection in Hall (next to router)
Left: 5dB antenna; Right: extended 7dB antenna

2. Connection in Room B
Left: 5dB antenna; Right: extended 7dB antenna

3. Connection in Room C
Left: 5dB antenna; Right: extended 7dB antenna

Friday, July 08, 2011

Optic Fiber Network (OpenNet) for Home

Step 1: Optic Fiber Termination Point
After the nation wide Optic Fiber roll out, your home is likely scheduled for the installation of the Optical Network Termination Point (OTP). After free installation of the OTP by OpenNet vendor, you can proceed to any of the local telcos to sign up for a fiber broadband plan.
I signed up for a 50Mbps plan from M1 at S$39 per month, contractual period of 24 months.

Step 2: Nucleus Connect modem

After signing up for a fiber plan with any of the telco, your telco will arrange an installation of the nucleus connect modem for you at your home. This will usually take a few days to a few weeks. I waiting for 3 weeks due to the overly popular subscription at June PC Show.
The package usually comes with a nucleus connect (modem) and a Residential Gateway (wireless router). The nucleus connect is a must to tap the network from the OTP and consists of 4 LAN ports out. However, not all LAN ports work. Each LAN port is dedicated to each telco; M1 uses port 1. All telco uses the same Huawei nucleus connect modem installed by the same 3rd party vendor.
The Residential Gateway is not a mandatory device. It is essentially a wireless router that receives the connection from the modem and shares it over the router's ports and wireless access point.
Singtel and Starhub bundles the Residential Gateway with the contract, however, M1 gives the option to rent it at $2 per month.

Step 3: Router

If you have an existing router, you can use it and give the Residential Gateway a miss. I saved $2 per month and chose to use my old ZyXEL wireless-G router.
Setting it up is as easy as connecting the RJ45 cable from output port 1 of nucleus connect, to the WAN port on the router.
Any hardware can then be hooked up to the output LAN ports of the router via RJ45 cable, to tap the maximum speed of the network. I managed to hit more than expected 50Mbps dl speed and double the upload speed.
If you connect your device to the router via wireless network or WiFi, you are limited by the WiFi device speed. Remember that the bottleneck is always the slower, i.e. the transmitter or recipient device. This will usually be your laptop's wireless adaptor.
I hit around 7Mbps dl speed over the WiFi network from my wireless G router.
So before you head out to buy a good N router, remember that of your laptop only receives at G, you do not benefit more.

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M1 Fiber Speed Test - Day 1

M1 Fiber 50Mbps Speedtest Day 1
Speedtest based on WiFi connection to ZyXEL Wireless G-router.

Thursday, July 07, 2011

M1 Fiber Speed Test - Day 0

M1 Fiber 50Mbps - S$39 per month

Today is Day 0 of the optic fiber installation.
Speedtest based on direct LAN connection to nucleus.

Speedtest based on LAN connection to ZyXEL Wireless G-router.

Speedtest based on Wireless connection to ZyXEL Wireless G-router.

Monday, July 04, 2011

90W Universal AC Adaptor (Slim) for laptop

90W Universal AC Adaptor comes in standard size and slim. What you see here is the slim version.


Included is power cord with UK plug, 11 pin heads for various laptop models, auto-switching AC adaptor.

Connector head for the various pin heads.

Connecting a Dell pin head.

The Universal AC Adaptor auto-detects the power drawn by the laptop and sets itself accordingly. The power drawn is display by an old skool LCD display.
Works great!
The adaptor is also very light-weight than standard laptop adaptors.
This cost only S$39.90.

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Saturday, July 02, 2011

Pimp my iPad 2 Part 2

Have you been fed up that you have to stay near the wall to use your iPad while it is charging via the bundled AC adaptor?
In Pimp my iPad 2 Part 2, I will share with you how to turn your bundled 10W AC adaptor into a S$38 iPad adaptor from Apple Store.
The additional iPad AC adaptor sold at Apple Store is exactly the one bundled with your iPad, except it comes with a 6ft (1.8m) power cord instead.

Power cable from Macbook Magsafe adaptor

I got this power cable that came with my old iBook G4 that has been retired. It bears the same "duck" as all Apple's adaptors such as the Magsafe adaptor that came with Macbook air, Macbook, Powerbook, Macbook Pro, or whatever Apple notebooks.
This should work on the bundled iPad adaptor.

iPad 10W AC adaptor, pimped!

See how my G4 power cord snaps perfectly onto the bundled 10W AC adaptor!
This old power cord is also 1.8m long.

Hooked up and Ready to go!

Now you get the same charging rate, a longer extension, a S$38 saving!
You can now enjoy your iPad 2 on your sofa!

FYI, if you are thinking of getting a USB extension cable or a longer USB data cable to do the job, you will be disappointed.
As a matter of fact, you can still charge, but the rate deteriorates drastically as the longer the distance, the more power you lose. Generic USB extension cables are just not meant to carry the amount of power that the iPad draws. I tried using a 3m S$3 USB extension cable, 9h and I get only 80% charge.
So it is either:
1. Get a additional iPad AC adaptor from Apple Store at S$38.
2. Use the power cord from your Apple Magsafe adaptor to pimp your own extended adaptor.

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Yes. Coffee is my life!
Brunch at Spruce began with a coffee.
Spruce is located 320 Tanglin Road, Phoenix Park.

Big Brekkie

2 toasts, eggs, baked beans, mushrooms, bacon and sausage. Have the eggs your way, poached, sunny side up or poached.
$18 w/o wine, $28 with sparkling wine.

Toasted baguette

Scrambled eggs and ham

British Brekkie

Like Big Brekkie, a different Banger and comes with hash.
Chose poached for this.
$18 w/o sparkling wine.

Long John for you ladies?

Beautifully done poached eggs.

Goodness, no wonder I love this!

Spew! Here it comes!

Enjoy your brunch either at the patio or indoors.

In a nutshell, Spruce is a nice chill out for 2 or more. Enjoy a brunch with fine sparkling wine in a relaxed setting. Though the taste isn't fantastic (I prefer Food for Thought), the portion is fit for the Americans.
Spruce reminds me a lot of PS Cafe at Harding.
Still you will like Spruce.

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