Saturday, July 02, 2011

Pimp my iPad 2 Part 2

Have you been fed up that you have to stay near the wall to use your iPad while it is charging via the bundled AC adaptor?
In Pimp my iPad 2 Part 2, I will share with you how to turn your bundled 10W AC adaptor into a S$38 iPad adaptor from Apple Store.
The additional iPad AC adaptor sold at Apple Store is exactly the one bundled with your iPad, except it comes with a 6ft (1.8m) power cord instead.

Power cable from Macbook Magsafe adaptor

I got this power cable that came with my old iBook G4 that has been retired. It bears the same "duck" as all Apple's adaptors such as the Magsafe adaptor that came with Macbook air, Macbook, Powerbook, Macbook Pro, or whatever Apple notebooks.
This should work on the bundled iPad adaptor.

iPad 10W AC adaptor, pimped!

See how my G4 power cord snaps perfectly onto the bundled 10W AC adaptor!
This old power cord is also 1.8m long.

Hooked up and Ready to go!

Now you get the same charging rate, a longer extension, a S$38 saving!
You can now enjoy your iPad 2 on your sofa!

FYI, if you are thinking of getting a USB extension cable or a longer USB data cable to do the job, you will be disappointed.
As a matter of fact, you can still charge, but the rate deteriorates drastically as the longer the distance, the more power you lose. Generic USB extension cables are just not meant to carry the amount of power that the iPad draws. I tried using a 3m S$3 USB extension cable, 9h and I get only 80% charge.
So it is either:
1. Get a additional iPad AC adaptor from Apple Store at S$38.
2. Use the power cord from your Apple Magsafe adaptor to pimp your own extended adaptor.

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