Friday, July 15, 2011

Aztech Wireless Omni-Directional High Gain Antenna

Aztech Wireless extended range 7dB antenna

This 7dB antenna gives routers a boosted range. This antenna works on any router with a standard screw-on type antenna.
How well does this extended range 7dB antenna work?

Left: Wireless G Router with 5dB antenna
Right: Wireless G Router with 7dB antenna
On the Wireless G Network, the max download speed is around 8.5 to 9Mb/s. In the room with the poorest signal strength, the speed tends to linger around 4 to 7.5Mb/s. However, after switching to the 7dB antenna, the signal strength is stronger and boosts the speed up to the max speed.


adidasfreak aka joshua said...

hey mind posting did you get your antennas from? I would like to purchase them... hope there would be a speed increase!


you can get from simlim sq