Saturday, June 25, 2011

Pimp my iPad 2 Part 1

A brilliant scarlet folio case for my iPad 2.

2 folds cover with hidden magnetic disc activates/deactivates sleep on iPad 2 only.
Of course, magnetic cover feature can be turned off in settings.

Speaker and rear camera holes.
The U-shaped flap has a purpose.

The U-shaped flap is to secure the front cover.

The iPad 2 now rests at a gentle angle, automatically activates the screen to rotate to landscape.

There is an opening for dock connector port.
I have hooked it up to a cheap no-frills S$2 cable.
There is also a S$13 anti-glare screen protector applied.

This synthetic leather case cost me only S$18.

Photos taken and blogged from HTC Desire HD.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

iPad 2 · 3G+WIFI · 32GB

iPad 2
3G+WIFI · 32GB
After much deliberating over this question: "Buy iPad 2 or Android Tablet?" I finally decided to get the iPad 2.
The reason for choosing the iPad 2 is because I am already do most of my mobile computing on my Android phone, HTC Desire HD. However, I have always needed a bigger estate to work on my files, make ad-hoc presentations (everyone loves to see something on an iPad than something unfamiliar), and do away with lugging my laptop around. With the iPad 2 and apps like Dropbox and Teamviewer, I can work remotely while staying connected to important files on my workstation.
I could have chosen an Android 3.1 Honeycomb tablet, which is a much more sophisticated computing platform. However, with the upcoming release of iOS5, the iPad is really coming much closer to being as capable as an Android. Since I am already using my Android phone, having another system to complement it will have to be the iPad 2. Fallen to the dark side, I have. So who doesn't lament the lack of third-party accessories for my Android, while watching tons of accessories to pimp up the iPhone or iPad?
 Most importantly, though the specifications of upcoming Android Honeycomb tablets are not much different from the iPad 2, the overall operation is still much smoother on the iOS platform. Take for example, rotating the screen, Android appears sluggish compared to the iOS. Of course, there are more than that, as well as pros and cons. What about flash? Frankly, how many Flash sites are there out there now, especially with more and more people using the iPhone, websites are also moving towards iOS-friendly sites. In the worse case scenario, there is still my Android phone. That's when you have the best of both worlds!

I bought my iPad 2 at retail price from M1 at Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 3 Arrival Hall. I took on a multi-SIM subscription. This allows me to share the same data plan as my existing mobile line, without any contract binding and is overall a cheaper option than signing up a standalone S$40 data plan which allows one to enjoy a S$479 discount over iPad 2.
Why choose M1? M1 has proven to me over other telcos, that their mobile broadband is the most stable and speedy. I choose Changi Airport branch because there is no queue and there is an on-going lucky-draw held by Changi Airport.

iPad 2 Unboxing

The contents include the SIM key, adaptor, instruction guide, Apple stickers and data cable.
No earphones included.

iPad 2 Specifications
  • Processor: Apple-A5 dual core processor
  • GPU: Imagination’s SGX543 dual core graphics technology
  • Storage: 16GB,32GB,64GB
  • Resolution: 1,024×768
  • Clock: 1,066 MHz
  • Chip: GSM iPad: Infineon chip, CDMA iPad: Qualcomm chip
  • Camera: Front facing VGA video camera, Rear-facing "HD" camera (~1MP only)
  • Gyroscope.
  • HDMI Support (provides output up to output 1080p)
  • 33% thinner compared to iPad
  • Mirrored video output
  • Colours: Black, White
  • Dimensions: 241.2 mm x185.7 mm x8.8 mm
  • Weight: 601 g
  • Battery life: 10 h
 iPad 2, Up Close

iBook G4 and iPad 2
This is how my retired iBook G4 compares to the iPad 2.
 iPod mini 2G and iPad 2
The only Apple products that I had were really these two, not to forget the retired iPod 3G (sold).

iPad 2 and HTC Desire HD
The way to enjoy the best of both worlds, iOS and Android, is to have an iPad 2 with an Android phone.
Alternatively, you can choose to have an iPhone with an Android Honeycomb tablet.
Having been a faithful follower of Android phones, I decide to get an iPad 2 to complement what I can do 99% on an Android phone.

Photography-Gears and iPad 2
The only other gadgets that made me splurge.
I have decided not to shoot the rest of the semi-retired cameras.
Photos are taken with Nikon D200.

Collectable Toys and iPad 2
They are all toys meant to play with!

For Work
To put all the Catalogs into the iPad!

For Play
Travel with the iPad!

This is really not a thorough review for an iPad 2. If you want something more thorough, visit Engadget. However, I doubt you need it since every Tom, Dick and Harry on this planet knows about their iPhones and iPads.
If you want to get an iPad for serious work and desktop replacement, I will still recommend the Android Honeycomb tablets. However, you will like to have a much more simplified interface which probably relies a bit more hassle to get it work-friendly, but on the contrary, enjoy the wealth of apps and accessories out there, get the iPad 2. By the way, if you got kids or folks who have not touched a computer before, the iPad is the easiest and "nothing-can-go-wrong" platform for them, while the Android OS is more sophisticated. After all, Android are meant for geeks while iOS are built for every walking being on our planet.

Buy an iPad 2 today!

The things I am gonna do next:
  1. Get screen protector at S$2
  2. Get a cheap S$10 faux-leather folio case
  3. 3rd-party data cable for S$2
  4. Get a USB connector
  5. Get a SD card connector
  6. Optional: Get a HDMI connector
Watch my blog for more updates on how I pimp my iPad 2 with the overwhelming cheap 3rd-party accessories!

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    Robot Spirits (Side MS): Gundam Avalanche Exia [GN-001/hs-A01]

    Gundam Avalanche Exia
    Bandai Robot Spirits (Side MS)
    Development from the primary GN-001 Gundam Exia from Gundam OO series. Avalanche Exia carries the same Seven Swords that the normal Exia carries, including the GN Sword. However, their placement is different due to the bulk of the armor. The signature GN Sword and GN Blades are placed on attachments on the back of the unit, while the GN Beam Daggers/Beam Sabers are placed on the shoulders.



    Gundam Exia Seven Swords and Avalanche Exia


    This piece of Gundam Avalanche Exia is a must have for any Bandai Robot Spirits collector or Gundam OO fan.


    Photography by William Tan
    ©William Tan 2011