Sunday, June 12, 2011

Food For Thought

Digest this: Eggs, Brunch, Coffee, Chill.

You have "Food For Thought".
They have 2 outlets right in the heart of the city: North Bridge Road (opp. National Library); Queen Street (next to sam).
Despite the long queue under the Sunday blazing sun, you do really want to visit Food For Thought for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner.

Food For Thought Mission 2

Feed Good Food, 'cause no child should starve in a world if happy meals.

Food For Thought Mission 3

Make Poverty History, 'cause we wait for the day when the last shall be first.

I do appreciate the meaningful messages on the table mats.

Every weekend is packed with foodies from around the island.

Ceiling decorated with pasta sauce jars "chandelier".

It is not hard to tell that the boss is a Christian.
As long as they serve good food, they are good people!
The nice folks at Food For Thought do more than serve a good meal, they are very active in charity.

Full Works - $18

The standard order for a big breakfast has to be the Full Works with a slab of spongy cake, topped with omelette, served with bacon, sausages, hash brown balls and greens.

If you have a smaller appetite, go for House Works at $12, you still can walk away a happy man.

Finish it off with a decent cup of roast. You got yourself a satisfying brunch.

Food For Thought serves breakfast from 9 to 5:30pm. They serve other food as well.
If you want good food, you got one. But you need to be able to afford to wait since the queue is forever long.

Before you go...

Buy a little interesting gift after you dine.

So where is Food For Thought?

Food For Thought, located next to 08 sam, along Queen Street.

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