Sunday, June 05, 2011

Philips Aluminium Collection Blender, 750W

During the latest Philips Carnival Warehouse Sale,
I bought an Air Fryer which substitute your deep fryer, uses no oil, and fries food with 80% less fat.
I also bought a blender for processing food and juices.
Since the previous warehouse sales, I had been eyeing on the Aluminum Collection Blender.
This 750W blender one high-performance kitchen food processor.

Philips HR2094 Aluminium Collection Blender 

The 750W blender comes with a brushed aluminium finish.
Accessories includes glass jar with 2L capacity, silicone cap and fruit filter insert.

The main dial on the blender comes with illuminated blue LED, variable speed control, 3 blending modes for smoothies, ice or pulse modes.

The first attempt to use the blender is to make a fruit-vege smoothie.
This time is Apple, Carrot & Celery.

Add in the vegetables, fruits, ice cubes and water.
Hit Ice program, then Smoothie program.

What you get is a glass of healthy blended juice!

I can already think of so many concoctions and my favourite frappe!
This powerful blender is better than the cheaper ones with plastic jars. You will need one with a thick glass jar to withstand the blending of ice cubes.
Another step to a healthier dining lifestyle!

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