Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Superman Returns DVD

I have gotten my Superman Returns DVD.
I had the intention to get myself a decent region 3 box set with comic as recommended by my trustworthy Supes-fan.
However, when I came across this region 6 version.

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Read on to find out more...

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For the price of just S$15.90.
You get an authentic Superman Returns Region 6 DVD.
These region 6 DVDs were made in China and dedicated to the China video market,
hence that explains the lower price tag.

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The cover art comes with the distinctive Chinese media sticker and Chinese characters.
The box is a sleeve-type and the Superman and title were embossed.
As expected, china-made DVDs usually do not come with English subtitles.
The movie is set to Chinese subs as default while the other option is to turn it off.
Since the conversation in the movie was not too hard to understand,
I can do with Chinese subs.
Nevertheless, the full-featured Bonus Disc came with English and Chinese subs.

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First fold
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Second fold

The contents slides out of the sleeve and unfolds in a two-fold booklet revealing the discs.
I am pretty much impressed by the presentation!

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For that price, 2 thumbs up!
Available at Mustafa Centre and I believe major video retailers.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Revoltech Mania (Jan'07 Release)

It is time to drool over the Revoltech again!
While we eagerly wait for MazinKaiser in December release,
we can sure expect the Convoy & UltraMagnus in January 2007.

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Click on above banner to access Revoltech site.

Revoltech No.19 Convoy
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Revoltech No.19 Alternative Mode - Ultra Magnus
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Revoltech No.18 Giant Robo
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Saturday, November 25, 2006


New Site Launch!

A platform where I will post images from my random photography sessions.
It always starts with something simple.
Click on banner below to access site.
click here to access SHUTTER SPEED

Toys: Barbie

A big welcome to the Barbie dolls!!
No, you haven't heard wrongly.
Barbie dolls!!
Thanks to Shaun Wong for tipping me off on the sale at Raffles City Christmas Barbie Toy Fair.
I managed to grab Superman, Lois Lane and Mary Jane.
Well, its not too bad.
I bought the comic characters and not regular dolls.
So don't call me a fag.

I had long wanted to just get the Lois Lane as she looked damn sweet and realistic. But the regular price of S$24.90 is beyond what I will spend for Barbie.
But clearance at S$12.90 is a different story now.
I haven't really considered Superman though, because the look of Ken as Supes is wrong. Ken is has quite a pansy look. But Lois needs her partner!
How can I resist a beautiful red-head in a wedding gown? I chose to buy Mary Jane over Invisible Woman because Invisible Woman hasn't got the unique features to make me part with another S$12.90.


Lois Lane

Mary Jane

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Thursday, November 23, 2006

DBS iSecure Device

Look what came in the mail today.
DBS iSecure Device
Plenty of people should have got it today.
Every tag is unique and generates your second level ssecurity pin for DBS iBanking.
I am impressed by their move to give the end-users a higher level of security.

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Monday, November 20, 2006

Handmade Katsu Sandwich: Romankan Yokohama

My Royal Highness recommended me to this place at Takashimaya B2.
The sign reads,
Handmade Katsu Sandwich: Romankan Yokohama.
My first thought was how to make a sandwich without hands?
The stall had an interesting look like a bar counter, with counter seats and regular seats. The staff wore a french maid apron too.
I never got any pictures of the stall taken as there were plenty of people dining.

They served only katsu (fried breaded chicken/pork cutlets). We ordered a regular pork cutlet and curry cutlet. Basically, apart from the jug of curry, the Curry Cutlet set is the same as mine, less the the salad. The curry is a thick gravy which is also very tasty. You can taste some real mashed up potato and meat fibers. The cutlet was fantastic! Crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. All sets come with miso soup and rice. For the price of $11 (Pork Katsu set) and $14 (Curry set), without any '++', this is a must try!

Pork Katsu Set

Curry Katsu Set

The small jug of curry. You pour them over your rice.

A close up on the Katsu on the salad side. A bottle of tangy barbecue sauce (not shown) sits on every table. Squeeze some on the salad and get your greens.

Photography: Biopolis

One-North Park at Buona Vista
25th of November 2006

Photography by mybearbrick
Camera: Canon Ixus 40

Biopolis is the hub for all Life Science R&D and this is where I earn my living.
I was working overtime on Saturday morning and after work, around noon, I decided to take some pictures of the vicinity like what most touring scientists would do.
Views of and from the connecting SkyBridge.

Views from Biopolis Phase I. The existing phase, project by JTC.

Recently, this artisitic sculpture was moved to the Epicenter outside Matrix. I once commented that art is a thin line between trash and treasure. The effort was much more appreciated knowing that this is to commemorate the research efforts during the SARS period.
Sculpture: Structure of SARS Inhibitor Protein

Skybridge from below.

The upcoming Biopolis Phase II, a project by Ascendas. Though they were officially opened for some operations, there were still plenty of on-going construction.
Immunos and Neuros.

Another sculpture: The Leviathan Turns

More of the buildings. I was at the foyer in between Immunos and Neuros.

Expansion towards the rear for Biopolis Phase II.

Some angles of Biopolis that are so often not remembered.

A fish pond outside Centros.

Before I left the Biopolis compound, I was stopped by a walking security who was munching away. He told me that I need permisson from the estate owner for photography. I nodded and replied, 'Ok, I'll stop.' but I thought I don't need a Liscence to Shoot. I'm promoting our local R&D hub!

Leaving Biopolis and heading to Holland Drive, you will come across the Malaysian Railway which is still in use.

An interesting graffiti beside the railway track.

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