Saturday, February 21, 2009

EATZ: Saizeriya Italian Restaurant

Saizeriya Italian Restaurant
177, River Valley Road, #02-22 Liang Court Shopping Centre
Singapore 179030
Tel: 6337 9001
Operating Hours: Mon-Sun 11a.m. to 10p.m.

Saizeriya is already very popular in Japan for its budget Italian food, with a huge chain of family restaurants. Their flagship restaurant just arrived in the newly renovated Liang Court. Their attractive pricing at below S$10 per dish, is sure rapidly gaining popularity among foodies. Moreover, with the countless ethnic Japanese restaurants, the arrival of Nippon-Western restaurants in Singapore is the new craze. Unfortunately, they do not have a Singapore website, hence, you can browse the identical Japanese menu here.

"Healthy Meal" Set
With every entree, there is an option to add a "meal" to make it a set. The "Healthy Meal" includes salad and a choice of soup, here is Seafood Chowder.

Hamburg & Pork
A sizzling hotplate with a slab of beef patty topped with brown sauce served with strips of lean pork, wedges, broccoli, cream corn and egg.

Seafood Gratin
Pasta topped generously with baked cheese, calamari, shrimps and mushrooms.

With prices so attractive, Saizeriya sure beats the competitor Waraku de Pasta hands down. However, can the quality of the food and service match up to its competitors?
In my opinion, the "Healthy Meal" Set is really not worthy, since you can get an entree with that price. However, the Seafood Chowder, though served in a small portion, but is rich in flavour with lots of seafood bits. The Hamburg with Pork is good but nothing spectacular. Despite the pork being tad dry, the beef patty is juicy and tender. I loved the idea that they have the 'sunny-side up' egg served on the side. The Seafood Gratin tastes good too and the shallow bowl can be really deceiving as this dish is rather filling. I love it when the cheese is moist and piping hot, not baked too dry!
Overall, the price is the best reason you should visit Saizeriya at Liang Court. The food quality is almost on par with its competitor Waraku de Pasta. Clear water is free, however, other beverages are self-service at their bar counter after paying for the beverage counter charge. A must-visit if you are a die-hard Japanese foodie!


Monday, February 09, 2009

Shades for my "Cam-Whoring" Bro

Shades for my "Cam-Whoring" Bro
Since I will be missing my bro's birthday,
as a pre-emptory measure to avoid missing his ever-elusive birthday,
my wife and myself prepared gifts for him.
Immediately after receiving his gift,
my "cam-whoring" bro cries for a simple TFCD.
So here goes the first part of his presents.




Photography & Editing by William Tan
©William & Laurens 2009
Shot exclusively with Panasonic Lumix-LX3

Friday, February 06, 2009


Thanks to Laurens for a very suitable T-Shirt for me,
during his Adventures in the Land of All Smiles.
I am now a ...