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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Hyundai Slow Juicer [Updated]

Hyundai Slow Juicer
[Updated 30th July 2014]
Everyone deserves a healthy treat.
The Hyundai Slow Juicer from Seoul, Korea comes at an affordable price for every household. Not to be confused with the popular Korean slow juicer,  Hurom, this utilizes the same engineering principles to deliver delicious, healthy juice for your family.
Slow juicer in action.
A healthy boost of ABC: Apple, Beetroot, Celery & Carrots.

Juice and pulp properly separated.
The product: ABC Juice
The proper way to test the quality of the juice is to conduct the "Hurom test". The juice is left to stand overnight. The verdict is no separation of layers. The Hyundai Slow Juicer has passed the test!