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Friday, June 23, 2017

Mazda 3 - AXELA (3rd Generation with Skyactiv Technology)

Mazda 3
3rd Generation with Skyactiv Technology

In commemoration of the 2 and half years of service that the Mazda 3 had rendered.
Here are the photos of my trusted ride.

Mazda 3 walkaround

The Interior
The 3rd Generation Skyactiv Mazda 3 is a move away from conventional Japanese make and infused with elements of continental cars. Equipped with the MazdaConnect system, which is extremely intuitive to operate, the driver can command the many functions with ease.

MazdaConnect Touchscreen interface

MazdaConnect Commander dial
Built-in HUD presents the digital speedometer and vital navigation information right before the driver's field of vision.

The Initial Photoshoot
These photos are of the Mazda 3 during its first few days in service.

 Upgraded with a DIY project with Mazdaspeed bodykit.


Photography by William Tan
Mazda 3
26th December 2014 - 23rd June 2017