Saturday, July 02, 2011


Yes. Coffee is my life!
Brunch at Spruce began with a coffee.
Spruce is located 320 Tanglin Road, Phoenix Park.

Big Brekkie

2 toasts, eggs, baked beans, mushrooms, bacon and sausage. Have the eggs your way, poached, sunny side up or poached.
$18 w/o wine, $28 with sparkling wine.

Toasted baguette

Scrambled eggs and ham

British Brekkie

Like Big Brekkie, a different Banger and comes with hash.
Chose poached for this.
$18 w/o sparkling wine.

Long John for you ladies?

Beautifully done poached eggs.

Goodness, no wonder I love this!

Spew! Here it comes!

Enjoy your brunch either at the patio or indoors.

In a nutshell, Spruce is a nice chill out for 2 or more. Enjoy a brunch with fine sparkling wine in a relaxed setting. Though the taste isn't fantastic (I prefer Food for Thought), the portion is fit for the Americans.
Spruce reminds me a lot of PS Cafe at Harding.
Still you will like Spruce.

Shot and blogged live on HTC Desire HD.

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