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Nintendo® Wii™

Nintendo® Wii™

Nintendo® Wii™ is the answer to how conventional video-gaming has evolved. A unique social gaming experience where friends and family can all get into Wii action!. Each gamer can create a Mii (pronouced as "me") character, a virtual avatar, in the Mii Channel who will represent the gamer in every game that is played in the Wii console. With its two classic Wii titles: "Wii Sports" and "Wii Fit", Nintendo showed the gaming industry what the Wii is capable of and subsequently led to many titles built on this technology. The Wii can be easily connected to the home Wi-Fi network where the gamers can pit their Wii skills against other friends over the internet. Take a break from the gaming and surf the internet via the Internet Channel on your big screen. Gamers who grew up on classic titles such as Super Mario Bros® can now re-live those gaming action by downloading classic Nintendo games from the Wii Shop Channel. Its not easy to not find a Nintendo® Wii™ console in the living room of every household, as this game not appeal to the fashion-conscious gamers who loves the chic appearance of the Wii™, but even the old-fashioned households who loves family gatherings. Now who wants some gaming that is Endless Fun!

I thought the PlayStation Portable SLIM & LITE was gonna be the last video game console that I would buy, since I grew out of the action games and role-playing games that eventually looked smashing but same, playability stagnated and limited replay value. I realised that those games that I used to play were all 'selfish' games, where I would hog the big screen and jam buttons for hours, depriving everyone in the family from watching the TV programmes.
However, recently I scored a Nintendo® Wii™ for my new place. So what about 'selfiish' gaming? Not when it is the Wii! My wife is currently as obsessed with the Wii as much as myself, as we slash away, peddle the bicycle and pit our bowling as well as table tennis skills in Wii Sports Resort. We are like two children, swinging and waving the Wiimote and Nunchuck in the air, screaming and laughing at every unexpected result. It definitely is the right choice getting a Nintendo® Wii™!


The Nintendo® Wii™ Bundle & Unboxing
Nintendo has definitely paid attention into designing the box art of the console, simply beautiful! The contents are systematically organized in two paper trays. This is a Korean export set of the Wii console, which is sold locally at a fraction of the cost of the local version. In addition to the the console itself, getting a compatible component cable to utilize your HDTV.

Since this is a Korean export set, this means that the original Nintendo 220V AC adaptor (not shown) is suitable for use locally without any step-down transformer. The instruction manuals are all in Korean language, but official English .pdf versions are available at Nintendo website. Sadly, Wii does not come with component cable but standard composite video cable. The Wii stand gives the option to position the Wii vertically instead of horizontally. The sensor bar accessory is the key component to the revoluntary wireless action of the Wii. There is a small sensor stand for mounting the sensor bar on top of the TV or alternatively below the TV.

Nintendo® Wii™ Console
Profiles of the Wii console.

Close-up of the Wii
The top of the Wii opens up to Nintendo® GameCube™ controller ports and memory card slots. The rear side consists of 2 USB ports for peripheral devices, a heat sink ventilation fan, sensor bar cable port, AC adaptor cable port and AV cable port. On the front face of the Wii, there is the power button, reset button, eject button and slot-in disc bay. A small door opens to the SD card slot and the Wiimote syncronizing button.

Nintendo® Wiimote with Motion Plus

The standard controller included in the Wii box is the wireless Wiimote controller. Synchronization is required to register any new Wiimote with a Wii console. After synchronization, a number is assigned to the Wiimote, denoted by the lighted blue LED (1~4). The front face of the Wiimote is where most buttons are located. The top is the power button which can be used to switch on/off the Wii console remotely. There is the cursor pad, A button, - button, + button, Home button, button 1 and button 2. A small speaker on the front emits sound effects (such as a swishing sound as you swing the Wiimote as a sword) that gives the gamer a more realistic feel. The vibe emiited by the Wiimote completes the gaming experience. There is a B button located on the rear of the Wiimote, which is comfortably depressed by the index finger. Shown here is the Motion Plus accessory (sold separately) added to the base of the Wiimote. The Motion Plus accessory is required to play Wii Sports Resort, as this add-on enhances 3-dimensional motion sensing of the the Wiimote like never before. The Wiimote already comes with a silicon cover, which needs to be switched with the replacement silicon cover included with the Motion Plus accessory. The base of the Wiimote (w/ Motion Plus) is the port which the Nunchuck is connected. Nintendo recommends all gamers to strap the Wiimote to the wrist using the included adjustable lanyard.

Nintendo® Nunchuck
The Nunchuck can be attached to the base of the Wiimote for some games. On the Nunchuck, there are the analog joystick, C and Z buttons. Nintendo has al the safety instructions inplace to ensure that the Nunchuck do not become a real nunchaku.

Additional Nunchuck and Wiimote

Gamers can now own their own pair of Nunchuck and Wiimote and bring it to their friends place for some Wii action. Well, its like bringing your own bowling ball to the alley. Hey! Some handheld devices are rather personal :p

Wii Sports Resort
Wii Sports Resort is the latest version to the Wii Sports title that made Nintendo® Wii™ a global success. More mini-games than before, the Wii Sports Resort is the only title you need to enjoy Endless Fun! There simply is no end to this game as gamers will constantly improve their skills and take on friends and family in a friendly match. You really have to get the original Wii Sports Resort since it includes a free Motion Plus with silicon cover. The Motion Plus is mandatory for playing Wii Sports Resort. Hence, it is also necessary to pay for an additional Motion Plus (sold separately). Note that Motion Plus accessory comes with a replacement silicon cover suitable for the extended length of the Wiimote+Motion Plus.

Time for the Fun!
Since we won't be glue-ing ourselves to the Wii 24/7 (we do have other forms of entertainment at home and activities :p), we are certain that this one Wii Sports Resort will keep us entertained for a long time to come, probably until the next installment arrives. Wii Sports Resort definitely have the replay value worth every single cent paid for an original! Support original Wii games and not be pampered by those hundreds of knock-off titles that will probably rip you of the joy of Wii. After all, Wii is all about replay value! With such replay value, who needs so many titles? Wii Sports Resort is good to last you for many months!


Thanks to the good people at F.S. who insisted on giving me the best price for staying original! For the peace of mind, get a 2-years warranty extension from the professional services offered by shop retailers. To get your un-adulterated original Nintendo® Wii™, visit authorized Nintendo® Wii™ retailers today!


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Laurens said...

nice to know dat the Wii can let u bond more with ur wifey :)

Laurens said...

So when can i come over to do some console bashing like THIS?


Laurens said...
So when can i come over to do some console bashing like THIS?

Another damn good reason to ask my wife to fasten the wrist strap and to STOP GETTING CLOSER TO THE ACTION! She seems to get so involved that she keep moving towards the TV, as if gonna jump right into the game! LOL

If you do that, I make sure you leave your hand behind with the wiimote strapped to it! LOL