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Sunday, February 11, 2018

SOUL Impact OE Wireless

SOUL Impact OE Wireless Headphones

First of all, to declare that I am not an audiophile and not particular about my earphones. I have been living off my stock headsets that came with my mobile phones. However, that changed when I tried out a top-of-the-range Bose headphones and I heard tones and bass that I had never heard in my stock headsets from the very same device and same mp3. Then I started on a hunt for a set of wireless headphones for the non-audiophile. I had tried Marshall, Sennheiser, Audio-Technica, Sony, beats and JBL. As long as price is above S$300, you can expect good sound. But that is not price I am willing to part with. In the end, I shortlisted by budget and came down to Audio-Technica AR3BT @$133 (from $148), JBL by Harman E55BT @$145 (from $219)  and SOUL Impact OE Wireless @$99.9 (from $159.9). AR3BT is close to what I was looking for but I never had the chance to properly test it. E55BT was a true disappointment as it lack bass and was unable to block off external sound. Impact OE Wireless came out surprisingly great with the bass, noise-blocking (not active noise-cancellation), fitting and of course price.
Micro-USB charging port on the left pod. The fiddly rubber cover is something that I doubt will last long.
On the right pod, Power button activates play and pause. Volume buttons serves to skip tracks. There is an aux port for wired connection when the battery is out. Hidden inside the aux port is a blue/red led status indicator.
Another reason I chose SOUL Impact OE Wireless is the carry case with carabiner inclusive.
The package comes with micro-USB cable for charging and aux cable. The micro-USB is shorter than a metre, so I would rather use one that 3rd party cable. Charging takes 2 hours and wireless operation is not available during charging. SOUL Impact OE Wireless promises 18h of bluetooth wireless operation on full charge. Checking of battery life is available only when connected to iOS devices.

The Box
At $99.90, the SOUL Impact OE Wireless is a bluetooth wireless headphones that delivers good quality sound that brings out the life from the jazz playlist. I would recommend this headphones to any novice non-audiophile who wants to enjoy the music in a cord-free style. For those who are always on-the-go, SOUL Impact OE Wireless is also a headset that comes with a built-in microphone for making calls.

The Pose