Sunday, February 17, 2008

EATZ: Jang Won Korean Restaurant

Jang Won Korean Restaurant
44, Mosque Street #01-01
Tel: 65326946
Located on the same street as "Togi Korean Restaurant" where I had the "Beef and Vegetable Casserole" (which I termed "Devil's Brew"), is another Korean restaurant that welcomed plenty of locals and Koreans. Though "Jang Won" receives a lesser crowd than the "Togi", it does have a nice cosy ambience and private rooms are available. I have visited and reviewed plenty of Korean restaurants, will "Jang Won" match up with their competitors? I attempt to find that out.

The complimentary starters are simple which includes leek, brinjal, chillied potato slices, kimchi, mashed potato with sweet mayonnaise as well as sweet-n-spicy chicken franks. There is no usual chillied anchovies but I do not attempt to doubt the authencity of these starters.

Dolsot Bibimbab
(Hotpot Mixed Rice)
I have had "Dolsot Bibimbab" at "Janchijib", "Hanok Rice & Noodle" and "Seoul Yummy". It will only be rightful to compare the same dish at "Jang Won". The bibimbab (or bibimbap) at "Jang Won" is less attractive with ingredients topping in a messy state with only shredded cabbage, seaweed and beef visible. Nevertheless, after blending the bibimbab with the sauce, the rest of the ingredients and the fancy colors start appear.

Chung Gook Jang Jjigae
(Fermented Dhenjang Jjigae)
A fermented variation of the "Dhenjang Jjigae" (bean-paste stew) which I had at "Han Kook Gwan". I was pre-warned of this dish of having a foul smell but a good taste. When this dish was served bubbling in a mini-hotpot, an obnoxiously unpleasant smell almost similar to that of an 'Athlete's foot', stinked the restaurant. After the first sip, I was shocked by its surprisingly good taste and not sour at all! There is not much ingredients inside this stew.

Though I still prefer "Togi Korean Restaurant" and "Janchijib" than "Jang Won", I must admit that the "Chung Gook Jang Jjigae" is one deliciously mean-smelling stew. Despite the lack of ingredients in that stew, the interesting taste of it compensates for it. It is definitely worth the try! If I were are Mosque Street, my first choice will be "Togi" and if they are as expectedly crowded, I will not hesitate to pop by "Jang Won".
Note: 10% Service Charges applies.

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Yin Ning said...

Oh man, I miss Bibimbab.


TaiPoh said...
Oh man, I miss Bibimbab.

eh taipoh, how come?
Thought Korean food are everywhere.