Wednesday, January 02, 2008

EATZ: Han Kook Gwan Korean Restaurant

The first food post for 2008 is actually the dinner that I had during New Year Eve, on the 31st of December 2008. I decided to go for Korean cuisine. Where better to find Korean restaurants other than Tanjong Pagar area. Among many Korean restaurants, we decided on "Han Kook Gwan Korean Restaurant" along Tanjong pagar Road.

The minute we entered the double-storey restaurant, we were immediately engulfed by the strong 'smokey' smell. That is because the specialty at Han Kook Gwan is definitely the Korean BBQ, which serves only 2 persons and above. However, we were not sold by the price since per order of the meat is around S$33, and a minimum of 2 is required. Hence we decided to go for the regular Korean soups as set meals. We each ordered a soup dish, DhenJang JjiGae and Yook Gae Jang, which comes with rice and complimentary 'starters'. We also ordered a popular a-la-carte dish, Pa Jeon. When served, it seemed like we had ordered many items as our table was full! Note that 10% Service Charge and 7% GST applies.

Han Kook Gwan Korean Restaurant
26, Tanjong Pagar Road
Singapore 088449
Tel: 6224 2881

Kimchi, preserved shredded radish, 'tempeh'-like cake, spicy fish cake and two very Chinese-style vegetable dishes.

DhenJang JjiGae
Bean-paste stew with vegetables and mussel. I was not too impressed by the small mussels and the vegetables, but the bean-paste stew flavoured with dried shrimps was fabulous! The stew was not too spicy compared to our local dishes. Though the serving was not as big as the soups, the stew can be quite filling.

Yook Gae Jang
"Hot and spicy beef soup with vegetables". What seemed like the meanest spicy soup, was actually rather deceiving. I am rather certain that the soup was not spicy at all. Shredded beef was used to prepare this dish instead of chunky beef. There wasn't much vegetables, though there was some glass vermicelli. The portion of the soup was bigger than the DhenJang JjiGae. Sadly, the soup was not as full-bodied and 'solid' compared to the DhenJang JjiGae as well.

Pa Jeon
Chopped seafood with flour and egg york pan-cake. I was rather disappointed that the only seafood I saw visually was the squid tentacles. The tad bland tasting pancake did went well with the specially-prepared soy sauce.

I am pleased with my meal, but I definitely vote for Janchijib anytime, for their portion and taste. I guess the BBQ would be interesting and better, but I prefer to dine within my budget. Han Kook Gwan Korean Restaurant is worth the visit if you are looking for a Korean restaurant that serves a decent meal at reasonable 'family restaurant' prices.

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