Wednesday, February 06, 2008

EATZ: "Devil's Brew" Casserole at Togi Korean Restaurant

Probably being review by many, I was rather late to discover this gem for Korean cuisine. "Togi Korean Restaurant" is never seen without a crowd waiting outside their little restaurant at Mosque Street, Chinatown. I believe it is the same at their East Coast outlet as well. I managed to patronize them on my second visit as my first visit was a really popular day for Korean cuisine. I have always had the regular Korean dishes, at places such as "Seoul Yummy™", "Han Kook Gwan" and "Janchijib" but I decided to have something different at "Togi Korean Restaurant".

Togi Korean Restaurant
11 Mosque Street
Singapore 059491
Tel: 62210830
Closed on Sundays
This small Korean family restaurant captures attention of passers-by with pictures of the staff with a few prominent Korean celebrities. Apparantly, Togi Korean Restaurant is rather popular among the local Korean community. The restaurant is run by Koreans with some Chinese staff, but generally found no problems communicating with the majority of locals and subset of Korean white collars and teenagers.

The standard starters include (from left to right, top row to bottom) chillied anchovies, matured kimchi, pickled cucumbers, beancurd shreds, pickled seaweed and (not too) spicy potatoes.

Bul Go Gi Beo Seut Jeon Gol
Beef and Vegetable Casserole
This casserole is possibly the meanest-looking dish deserving the title of a 'Devil's Brew'! The fiery red soup boils and bubbles before you, shortly after serving. A dollop of chilli paste is blended into the soup to fire up the taste. This huge casserole is stuffed with sliced beef, cabbage, oyster mushrooms, chopped chilli and glass vermicelli. White rice are available at a dollar each, but there is hardly a need with the huge portions.

I thought I would have murdered myself with the 'Devil's Brew', but surprisingly, the soup was not as spicy as I had expected. But good luck to you, if you happen to choke on the soup. You are bound to break into tears! Two persons shared this casserole, and the contents just does not seem to end. There is just too much beef and glass vermicelli in there. The beef was rather tough, probably due to the constant boiling soup. They will top up the casserole with more soup when necessary. But I just hoped that they haven't, I could have almost seen the base of the casserole. This is the first time, I am trying something so different from the regular Korean dishes, such as BiBimBap. I really liked the soup but the beef was just too tough! The huge portion is good for feeding three or even four, and two is just too challenging! In terms of taste authenticity, I believe that the many Koreans there should suggest their authenticity. The prices are very reasonable, e.g. BiBimBap costs S$10.50. "Togi Korean Restaurant" have other interesting dishes as well. I would be returning soon to try their "Korean BBQ Pork Belly" or "Seafood Casserole", which seems rather interesting.
Note: 10% Service Charges and 7% GST applies. Reservations are welcome.

also available at
Togi Korean Restaurant
222, East Coast Road
Singapore 428919
Te; 6345-4264



thoo2 said...

this restaurant is claimed as the authentic one by my friend who has a korean wife.


thanks thoo2 for the verification.
the food there is sure nice!

Anonymous said...

just went there ytd...its only worth going there once,if u wanna try the food most satisfied with the cold noodles,rest was so-so.Soup too saltish.