Monday, June 14, 2010

Hong Kong Trip '10: [PART 6] Visiting Stanley

Visiting Stanley
Stanley is a tourist attraction town located on the southeastern part of Hong Kong Island. Normally, I would recommend people to avoid weekends to avoid the crowd. However, it is on weekends, when you get to see tourists and locals all coming together to enjoy a relaxing weekend at Stanley. Recommended to visit Stanley in the morning and spend half a day there.

Getting to Stanley by bus is the easiest and cheapest,
for convenience, take an MTR to Central Station, figure out the complex network of exits and eventually make your way to the Exchange Square bus interchange.

New World First Bus
To/From Stanley Market: 65 (Terminus: Exchange Square)
To/From Stanley Plaza: 66 (Terminus: Exchange Square)
To/From Stanley Prison: 6 6A 6X and 260 (Terminus: Exchange Square)

From the double-decker bus, go on the upper deck to get a better view of the city as the bus zips through the city.
Shown above is the Happy Valley Racecourse.

After the bus goes into the tunnel expressway, you will soon find yourself approaching Repulse Bay. Those who fancy exploring the beach, can get off here. I have earlier visited Repulse Bay in 2009.

Reaching Stanley, you can start off from the left and explore Stanley Market.
Many things are rather "touristy" but you might just find a couple of nice souveniers to bring back home.

Depend on your liking, you can deviate from the Market and you can discover these lovely little houses that is a lot quieter. You might even spot a feel locals getting on their daily life.

You will find yourself taking more pictures here along with the many tourists and even locals.

when you get adventurous with the climbing, remember that you will still need to make your way out, else you will be pulling your hair!

Proceed on towards Stanley Main Street, and you can relax your feet and have a meal or a beverage.

Make your way to the end of Stanley Main Street and you will find yourself at the jetty,
where you can enjoy a cool sea breeze.

You can also check out the restaurants available at Murray House.

Otherwise, you can grab a coffee or snack at Stanley Plaza.

Make your way back to where you started and you are done with Stanley.

Grab yourself some fresh fruits and you can make your way back to Central.

Since we had some time before we head back to do some packing for departure the next day,
we decided to go back to Causeway Bay to do any last minute shopping.

That is all from our Hong Kong Trip 2010.
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I love Hong Kong!
Special bonus!!

Photography & Editing by William Tan 2010
Documented using my reliable Nikon D200 equipped with
Tamron 18-270mm VC, the one lens you need to cover all your travel needs,
Panasonic LUMIX-LX3, the Legendary compact camera which still held its reputation and price after 3 years!

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