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Hong Kong Trip '10: [PART 5] Sunset at Aberdeen; Eat & Eat!

It was quite a pause from the earlier Hong Kong 2010 posts,
Part 1: A380 to Hong Kong
Part 2: Casino-hopping in Macau
Part 3: Largo do Senado, Macau
Part 4: Ruins of St. Paul's & Forteleza do Monte

This time we visited Aberdeen, Hong Kong Island.
There was really nothing much at this part of Hong Kong Island though ...

except a nice suburban private apartment sitting by a waterfront,
if you decide to buy one and stay whenever you visit Hong Kong ...

... and catch a sweeping panoramic view of a lovely sunset in a chilly evening sea breeze.
We stayed on to watch the sun set completely behind the distant land and take in the remarkably refreshing air.

When the sun sets, residents from nearby apartments started make their way to the waterfront for the evening walks.

Food, Food!
What is visiting Hong Kong without savouring their fabulous food fare!

Here are some of my personal favourites!

樂園牛丸大王 Lok Yuen Beef Ball King along Fa Yuen Street, Mongkok
There was no more famous squirting beef balls, so we decided to settle for normal beef noodles and the must-have fried fish skin!

These crispy fried fish skins come in a small plastic satchet that keeps them crispy fresh!
Excellent snacks that goes well with dipping in the soup or on its own. Don't worry about used oil taste, they have definitely perfected this snack!

Braised beef offals along Dundas Street, Mongkok.
This street snack might probably turn the bellies out for many, but for those who love the local "kway chap", this is ten times better!

If you are like me who enjoys "kway chap" anytime, you will fall in love with this snack!

美都餐室 Mido Cafe at Temple Street, Yau Ma Tei
I never fail to return to this one of my favourite eatery. At Mido Cafe, you must try their famous Fried Noodles with pork slices as well as their signature Spare Ribs Baked Rice.

A retro appearance is definitely not intentional since Mido Cafe has a long history.

Fried Noodles is not what you think it is to be. It is really fried as the egg noodles are pan-fried till golden and crunchy, and topped with pork slices, similar to our local "sheng mian" dish. – HK$40

Their signature dish, Spare Ribs Baked Rice is a stir-fried rice topped with a specially blended cheese sauce and generous serving of spare ribs, then baked till piping hot! This is Stephen Chow's favourite, and I sure share the same sentiments as the successful HK actor/director – HK$48

Beard Papa Sweets at Mongkok MTR Station
I thought Beard Papa was just about custard cream puff and chocolate cream puff, but the varieties in the HK version enticed me to get one to snack on.

Grab these sweet treats when you pass by one, just make sure you do not bring it into the train platform. HK MTR can be rather strict with their "No food & drink" rules.

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC)
I am not joking! For those who know me, I must have KFC at every country that I have been to!
Bangkok's KFC serves excellent salad, while Hong Kong's KFC serves fabulous Portuguese tarts and Grilled Chicken!

You must definitely try out their combo meals which comes with Portuguese tarts and white rice topped with mushroom sauce instead of mashed potatoes.

After all the dining, it is time to work it out by taking walks in the streets of Central, Hong Kong Island.

(middle picture) Lan Kwai Fong jumps into life when night falls. LKF is adored by many locals but majority are caucasian expats.

snack or snakes!?

if you still get a bloated tummy from all the food, drop by Watsons or Mannings (Guardian), pick up an ENO!

When you are hungry again, go for another round of roast meat, another Hong Kong favourite.
Almost every cha chan teng (eatery) in Hong Kong serves roast meat, so just pop into any shop to grab some "char siu", roast pork belly or roast goose.

This elderly lady was puzzled by me snapping at the food, and I never realized that until I was reviewing the pictures back at home.

Combo of roast pork belly and "char siu" on rice. No better way to try both roast meat than to order them together.

How about noodles with roast gooese meat?

Complete with a bowl of fresh shrimp wanton soup with generous serving of lettuce!
I am such a glutton! I admit it!

Next stop, we visit another tourist attraction and also a local favourite, Stanley!
I love Hong Kong!

Photography & Editing by William Tan 2010
Documented using my reliable Nikon D200 equipped with
Tamron 18-270mm VC, the one lens you need to cover all your travel needs,
Panasonic LUMIX-LX3, the Legendary compact camera which still held its reputation and price after 3 years!

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