Thursday, April 08, 2010

Hong Kong Trip '10: [PART 3] Largo do Senado, Macau

So we had our experience in a 'real' casino city,
we can obviously skip the local's humour.
Visiting Macau isn't just about losing to the computerized slot machines,
there are actually some decent sights to visit,
that is you if love to see lots of heritage architectures that are fading in Singapore.

[Largo do Senado]
Also known as Senado Square.

The Correios e Telégrafos building is actually the Macau Central Post Office.

Leal Senado and Instituto para os Assuntos Civicos e Municipais.
Macau Central Library is housed in the same building as the Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau.

This Christmas tree that appears every year at the fountain, during Christmas season.

Santa Casa da Misericórdia or Holy House of Mercy is a Portuguese charity founded by Queen Leonor of Portugal.

Yee Shun Milk Company is available in Macau as well.
If you have not tried it in HK, you can still try it in Macau.

I got lost in the menu full of Chinese characters. I admit that I can only make out 50% of the words.
Nevertheless, I already knew that the popular choices are steamed egg custard and steamed milk pudding with ginger.

But I decided to go for steamed milk pudding with red beans.
If you think Rochor Bean Curd is smooth,
the steamed milk pudding is even smoother!
The pudding is not sweet, so the mild sweetness of the unsweetened red beans added taste to it.

The must-have snack in Macau has definitely got to be Pork Chop Bun
The pork chop bun a grilled, greasy slab of pork chop sandwiched in a small toasted baguette.
Damn shiok!

St. Dominic's Church was built in 1587 by three Spanish Dominican priests. The church is now part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Historic Centre of Macau.

The interior artefacts and sculptures are typical of many Catholic churches.
They are definitely in much newer condition than other UNESCO churches in Europe.

Shopping on cobblestone-laden streets.

The former Capitol Theater Commercial Center (國華戲院商場) sits on a slight gradient.
You can pick up some snacks at the ground level of this old building.

A crowd drawn our attention to this small stall selling the usual Macau snacks.
After nudging some shoulders and squeezing through the crowd,
we saw the stall front displaying a video loop from Korean drama "Boys over Flowers".
Apparantly, a scene was shot at this stall!

This is my 2nd pork chop bun!
This is better! Greasier and much tender!
Inside every bite, is real juicy goodness!

An interesting shop that caught my attention for old things and trades.
Since "no photography" sign was posted, I respected it.

What better way to drown the grease with a bottle of homemade herbal tea!

Marching through the famous winding road towards the Ruins of St. Paul's,
one can easily spot the many shops selling barbecued meat, walnut cakes and peanut candies.
It was not hard to identify the chain stores.
One of them is Koi Kei Bakery (澳門鉅記手信).

I want an Ultraman kite!

Choi Heong Yuen Bakery (咀香園餅家) is another popular chain store.
We decided to patronize their Portuguese egg tarts.

Crispy exterior and runny, smooth filling.
Nothing beats the real McCoy!

We are now at the foot of the Ruins of St. Paul's.

Stay tuned for more pictures from Ruins of St. Paul's and the Fortress in the Part 4.

Photography & Editing by William Tan 2010
Documented using Nikon D200 with Tamron 18-270 VC and Panasonic LUMIX-LX3

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