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Hong Kong Trip '09: [PART 5] Repulse Bay

Hong Kong Trip '09
Part 5
Respulse Bay
Repulse Bay (淺水灣) is not a definite tourist destination, however, after reading about it and seeing some pictures of it, I thought I would drop by and take a look. Getting there was rather easy. I hopped on bus No.6 from the Central bus exchange. The bus cut through the city and took on an expressway.

[About Repulse Bay]
In the early 1840s, the bay used to be a pirate's cove which caused threats to many merchant ships. The pirates were late repulsed by the British fleet HMS Repulse. In 1910, the bay was then developed into a beach.
This is the famous building with a hole in the middle. I read that the reason for such a construction was for feng shui purposes.
9:24 A.M. and 26 degress celsius.
Expensive residences overlook the Repulse Bay.
I could recognize these life guard viewing stations from Hong Kong drama and movies.
This monster patrols the beach, and also occasionally gives tourists a ride.
Apartments standing on the hill towers over the bay.
Probably some celebrity stays in there.

[Temple of Goddess of Mercy and Goddess of the Sea]
On the eastern end of the short beach is a temple which worships the Goddess of Mercy (Guan Yin; Avalokiteśvara ; 觀音) and Goddess of the Sea (Mazu; 妈祖). It is believed that the goddesses are guardians that watches over the sea and protects the ships.
The statue of the Goddess of Mercy dons a robe made up by pieces of small coloured tiles. The statue is also generously decorated with ornaments and flowers.
Tourists believed that rubbing some money notes on the head sculpture of the God of Wealth, will bring good fortune and wealth.
Tourists would try to toss a coin up into the mouth of this tall fish. I guess it bears the significance of a wishing well.

The Repulse Bay is not a must-visit destination, however, if you happen to be visiting Stanley, you can drop off halfway and visit the bay.
Next up,
We head back to Hong Kong Island where we explore Central.

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Photography & Editing by William Tan 2009
Documented using Nikon D200 with Tamron 18-270 VC and Panasonic LUMIX-LX3

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