Wednesday, May 07, 2008

EATZ: Casuarina Curry

Casuarina Curry Restaurant
126 Casuarina Rd,
off Upper Thomson Road
Tel: 6455 9093
Casuarina Curry Restaurant is famous for their tasty prata and murtabak. Diners also adore their thosai. I have tried all but not their Nasi Briyani. How do they fair against the reviewed "Singapore Best Briyani", "Ah Mei Cafe", "Yakader", "Sri Kamala" and "New Victory"? We find it out today.

Mutton Briyani
Briyani rice served with some ar-char on the side, while muttom cubes in thick heavy curry is served separately.
As I have said before, what better way to complete a nasi briyani meal but with a cup of hot teh halia (ginger milk tea).

The plain-looking briyani rice is actually deceivingly very fragrant! It is so fragrant that you can have it on its own. But it will be a waste not to mix it with a bit of the tasty curry. While most briyani are served as dum briyani, with a whole slab of mutton on a huge bone, Casuarina Curry Restaurant serves their mutton as cubes. It is not only easier to eat and less messy, you actually get more meat! Some dislike the strong smell of mutton, but Casuarina Curry Restaurant has done it well to have the meat infused with the spices from the curry. The mutton is also very tender and juicy, unlike some that can be dry and fibrous.
Good stuff! Deserves two thumbs up!
I would rank it behind "Allauddin" and "Ah Mei Cafe".
Only flaw is the store location, which is not quite hard to visit for some. Note that Casuarina Curry Restaurant is located along a short row of shophouses, where it is facing Casuarina Road and back facing Upper Thomson Road. This stretch of shophouses are adored by foodies especially popular among celebrities. Other food found there are: Fish head steamboat, Chinese stir-fry restaurant and Japanese cuisine. Casuarina Curry Restaurant have another outlet located further up Upper Thomson Road, near Springleaf.

Allauddin ("Singapore Best Briyani") and Yakader has been relocated due to upgrading of Tekka Centre.



NTT said...

I don't think dum biriyani means "with a whole slab of mutton on a huge bone". It has more to do with the way it's cooked/prepared.

krisandro said...

Never tried the briyani rice, but i did try the prata on 2 occasions. Cant say that its bad, but there r definitely nicer pratas elsewhere. :)


thanks ntt for bringing this up,
agree that with your comment.
dum briyani is prepared by the "layering" method during the last stage of cooking.
and dum briyani is usually prepared with chicken.

i meant to comment that most of the time when mutton briyani (not only dum briyani) is served, the meat is among the rice and usually mutton is served with the bone.
IMO, having the mutton served as mutton chop is a easier to consume.

nevertheless, their mutton curry is really not bad.


eh krisandro got any nice recommendation for prata?

i kinda like Casuarina's slightly "Planta"-ish taste.
I used to go Prata House at Thomson Road and order 30 crispy pratas! But that was ten years ago.
Have not visited them after their prata became more crispy like biscuits.
i thought their murtabak was better than Zam Zam's.
Haven't been to Jalan Kayu for years, so cannot comment much.

I do have a recommendation for thosai, "Haji Karim" off Balestier Road. So far, the best that I've had. Would regularly return for that.

krisandro said...

There used to be a very gd prata stall near Changi Village.. its gone now. I am still looking for good pratas as well.

I am only exposed recently to the Prata house. I know you might find tt the std has dropped but I find that the pratas there are much nicer den Casuarina's.

Steven said...

Hi William,

May I know which part of Balestier is that thosai shop located? Thanks.


its at the end of AVA Rd.
not sure if their standard has dropped over time.