Tuesday, April 29, 2008

EATZ: Mutton Briyani, New Victory Restaurant

New Victory Restaurant
701 & 703, North Bridge Road
(Opp. Sultan Mosque)
Tel: 62986955 / 62983502
When it comes to competitive Indian-Muslim food businesses, I am certain nothing comes closer to Singapore Zam Zam and New Victory Restaurant. Both restaurants are located side-by-side, vying for the many Muslims diners from the Sultan Mosque as well as tourists. I have tried Singapore Zam Zam before and this time I shall try the competitor's version of nasi briyani.

Nasi Briyani Mutton
An assortment of saffron and white grains and a huge slab of curry mutton served with a plate of dhal and cucumbers. Nothing beats completing the meal with a hot cup of teh halia (ginger milk tea).

Similar to Singapore Zam Zam, New Victory Restaurant has two levels, ground floor is the kitchen, cashier as well as a smaller dining area, while the second floor is a large air-conditioned dining area. The mutton is soft, tender and tears easily from the big chunky bone. The meat is also very tasty with the taste of indian spices infused into the meat. The rice is not too fragrant but texture is right. When you see them touting for tourists and almost gonna end up in a quarrel, you expect the food to be good and fit for competition, sadly I would still prefer "Singapore's Best Briyani" Allauddin's Briyani. I would second for Ah Mei's Nasi Briyani. Nevertheless, it would be unfair to put these two stalls at North Bridge Road down, after all their specialty is supposed to be murtabak.


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