Saturday, January 26, 2008

EATZ: Ginseng Chicken

Normally, having a "Ginseng Chicken" would cost you around $20+ at a Korean restaurant, like this and this that I have visited, but there are ways to have it at a fraction of that price! You can easily find the "Ginseng Chicken" at a food court. I happen to know one that serves 'food court' grade Korean food. Since my earlier Korean colleague liked some of their food, I thought I would visit them again.

Ginseng Chicken
S$6 (add S$1 for rice)
Food Court at Holland V Shopping Mall
There is the usual chillied anchovies and kimchi. A humongous chicken drumstick, half-dunked in a bowl of steaming Ginseng Chicken broth.

My delighted and greedy smug was smacked when I realised that my rice cost a dollar! No other food courts dare to charge a dollar for rice! But I cannot complain too much as their "Ginseng Chicken" is really cheap! But does price comprise on quality? I say not. The chicken drumstick is huge and believe me, not fatty at all! The act of oestrogen hormone injections? The meat is slightly towards the tougher side, though still pretty much tender and succulent. Flavoured by two stalks of 'root', I am not sure if they are really ginseng, but does taste like it, probably the poorer grade. No, I didn't get a bleeding nose! Though not much of the taste has infused among the chicken meat, but the close to natural taste of the chicken meat went decently well with the clear broth. Though not the most authentic, but I dig cheap alternatives that can still satisfy my daily cravings. Try if you are tired of the expensive restaurants, like this, in Holland V.


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