Saturday, October 13, 2007

Look what I've bought! 1/6th BBI & DiD basic body

Bought these on Saturday. The G3.5 Asian was bought on behalf of 1/6th bro. The Asian headsculpt is supposedly intended for SDU casual wear action figure by Very Hot or Hot Toys. I happen to have the same BBI G3.5 body but with a different headsculpt, which I used for my Very Hot NAVY SEAL CQB. I scored myself a DiD body with a German headsculpt featuring an open mouth, which I believe to be sculpted for WWII 1/6th action figures. I also scored myself a Very Hot S.W.A.T. (image not shown) from among the re-stocks of Very Hot DEVGRU, Very Hot NAVY SEAL Night-Ops Jumper and Very Hot SDU. I love the S.W.A.T. box set because it is one among all the other box sets, to have the most accessories. It has a huge wire clipper, MP5, M4A1 and corded pistol. It also comes with a unique gas mask with an odd-looking red full-faced visor and 'three-striped' combat boots.

POST UPDATED: Edited hotlinks to images. Click on image to enlarge.

G3.5 Asian by BBI
1/6th Action Figure

German by DiD
1/6th Action Figure

By default, it will be dressed in the overall and pouch. The hands are stiff and not as flexible as BBI G3.5's. I need to slice between the index and middle finger, pry th fingers and force the grip of the shotgun in. I would need to find replacment bendy fingers for this figure. Fingers from Dragon would match.


Shaun said...

thanks for pix of the asian body pro bro, abit too exp at S$17.90 for a BBI for me. Did u happen to check whether the SDU blue overall set came with a body and head? The one I bought awhile back actually came with a muscular body and Asian head.


i checked and this time, it came 'headless'.
i like the DiD body, though not too muscular, the joints are very stiff, which i like!