Sunday, September 09, 2007

BBI G3.5 Body Reviewed

I have earlier bought the G3.5 body by BBI. I have decided to give it a mini-review. I am not quite sure to whom does this headscuplt resembles, but it does look like a 'mixed' Chow Yun Fatt. I also find the face looks rather 'James Bond-ish'. But I just could not put a name to it, hence I have not decided a name for the BBI G3.5 body. I have earlier tried having him replace Sgt. Becks, as my in-house weapon specialist. I put the BBI flight suit on G3.5, which also made me discover that BBI G3.5 Body and Hot Toys True-Type hav a subtly different build. Read to find out more.

G3.5 Body
by BBI
As you can immediately see from the standard postures, that the proportion of the body is correct. However, it does have a tendency to get a 'sucked-in' stomach as seen in picture 3. This I believe is due to the spring being too tight in the core.

The shoulder joint is made up of 3-points articulation, allowing to (1) pull the shoulders back, (2) swing the shoulders up or down, and (3) swing the arm back and forth. While purchasing this body, I encountered a few mint sets with at least one arm that swings back and forth loosely, hence I picked up the display, which was the best.

Showing off the shoulder articulation to maximum quadrant. The arm has 3-points of articulation as well. They are where the (1) biceps, (2) elbow and (3) wrist.

The hands are attached to the wrist via a stem with serrated surface, which is quite similar to the old Medicom RAH but not the Hot Toys True Type. The fingers are rather bendable. The head is joined by a plug as shown above.

The chest can only swing to this much angle to show off the 6-pecs. It is ready to swing back to the 'sucked-in' tummy state.

Showing off the articulation of the lower limb. The ball hip joint allows the swinging of the limb back/forth and in/out. The knee joint is rather straight forward. The ankle joint is a bit loose though, which is quite a problem especially when it is needed to support the overall weight of the figure.

Squating and sitting postures are the best for showing off the articulation of the lower limbs. G3.5 can do a full-squat but requires support to balance the weight. Unlike the True Type body, the toes cannot be articulated, hence squats are rather impossible. The height can be adjusted with the extension rings.

Last but not least, a classic "Hadoken" pose!

All in all, the G3.5 body is rather decent, with a photogenic headsculpt, while Dragon headsculpts tend to look more 'porcelain' or glossy. The variant is a bearded look, which is also realistic. The articulations are comprehensive except for some possibly loose joints. The figure has got a smaller build compared True Type, particularly the hips and chest. Choose a good one with tight joints and this figure is actually quite worthwhile!

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