Tuesday, September 04, 2007

1/6th M4A1 R.I.S with M203

I have earlier reviewed on the 1/6th FN P90 and the 1/6th STEYR AUG-A1. Today, I will review about the M4A1 R.I.S. with M203 from the Modern Firearms Collection Series II by Hot Toys which I've bought earlier. The M4A1 is a variant from the M4 carbine. The M4 is a gas-operated, magazine-fed and air-cooled compact rifle. The compact build is attributed to the retractable butt stock. Due to its compact build, it is relatively light-weight and handy in close quarters battle. As a result, the effective range of the carbine is about 150 meters even though technically, it is capable of delivering an effective range of 460 meters, unlike its longer variants such as AR15 or M16. The difference between M4 and M4A1 is the selective fire mechanism. The M4 has 2 modes of semi-automatic and 3 round bursts, while the M4A1 has semi-automatic and full-automatic. The unique feature of the M4 is the Modular Weapon System (MWS), which allows the carbine to be customized with various accessories, such as the M203 grenade launcher, Rail Interface System (R.I.S.) foregrip with AN/PEQ-2 TPIAL and various optical sights. The M4 is commonly used by the U.S. military units and is adored for its customizability and firepower, especially in urban warfare.

M4A1 R.I.S with M203
from Modern Firearms Collection Series II
by Hot Toys

Technical Specifications
  • Caliber: 5.56mm NATO
  • Action: Gas operated, rotating bolt
  • Overall length: 838mm (full length); 757mm (compact mode)
  • Barrel length: 368.3 mm
  • Weight: 2.52 kg unloaded
  • Magazines: 30 rounds box magazines
  • Rate of fire: 700-950 rounds per minute
  • Effective range of fire: 460 (150*) meters
The AN/PEQ-2 Target Pointer/Illuminator/Aiming Light (TPIAL) is a infra-red laser sighting device that is attached to the R.I.S. foregrip. The AN/PEQ-2 has two infra-red laser emittors. One is a narrow beam for aiming, while the other is a wide beam for illuminating the target.
Image to the right shows the fully extended butt stock.

Left shows the M203 grenade launcher handle grip in extended state. The small 40mm x 46mm grenade is the loaded from the bottom through the opening. When the handle is retracted as shown in right image, the grenade is considered loaded and ready to be fired. The trigger on the M203 is used to fire off the grenade. The empty cartridge is then ejected from the same opening where the round is loaded. The grenade launcher has a separate quadrant/ladder sight that is attached to the R.I.S. foregrip. The M203 has a 40mm caliber and works in a single shot action. It has a maximum effective range of 350 meter (area target) and 150 meter (point target).
The right image also shows an attachment on the flash suppressor. It looks like a silencer, but I doubt so, since the carbine is quite a 'loud' weapon attributed to its short barrel.

The M4A1 uses a spring-loaded 30 round magazine with 5.56mm x 45mm NATO ammunition as shown in the left image.
The right image shows the complete assembly.

BBI G3.5 takes up the M4A1 carbine.



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