Sunday, September 09, 2007

Look what I've bought today... 1/6th Weapons & REVOLTECH MINIATURE

Sunday is always 'BBB' day! Too bad 1/6th Bro isn't here today to join me. I scored a set of rifles from the good o' stash of loose 1/6th parts from where I bought a pair of FN P90. This set consist of an MP5 submachine gun and a shotgun. I also picked up two pairs of REVOLTECH MINIATURES (a pair is for 1/6th Bro), which consist of EVA-00 and EVA-01. Apparantly, these miniatures are not very popular and not carried by most toy dealers. These miniatures are of smaller scale (compared to regular Revoltechs) of approximately 7-8cm tall. Being an avid Revoltech collector, and of EVA series, I need to get these! These are what I picked up today.

1/6th MP5 Submachine Gun
I could not resist but to assemble the MP5. The MP5 comes with a spare solid butt stock to replace the extendable butt stock. The solid butt stock has got rifle sling mounting loops. It comes with a scope sight that can be mounted on the rail and in turn mounted on the rifle. It also comes with a handguard with attached torch light. Two magazines with a dual-mag cradle is included too. The rifle is attached to a rifle sling. Compared to the S$10.95 MP5SD from Modern Firearms Collection Series II by Hot Toys, I say mine is rather worthwhile considering that I paid additional S$4.05 for the shotgun. At least mine got a rifle sling!

1/6th Shotgun

This S$4.05 worth shotgun is definitely of that value, 'cos there is not movable parts. It is just a plain molded shotgun with rings to attach rifle slings with D-rings. I suspect this rifle to be from one of the Dragon box sets.

by Kaiyodo
From the design of the box, it does look like it is the same size as the regular Revoltechs, but compare it to my 12-inch iBook, and you can make out that this is really a 'mini-me' version to the latest EVA-00 and EVA-01 New Movie Version. It is just like those complimentary cornflakes box! These miniature Revoltechs stand at 12cm tall.

During my scout, I found a stall selling the Bandai HCM Pro EVA-01 (priced at S$50) which got me rather sexcited. I also found the latest Zeonography Zaku R2 EX Set (priced at S$80), GFF Metal Composite Psycho Gundam (priced at S$120, which I resisted due to it being only 1/144 scale), re-issued GFF #0006 Wing Gundam (which I did not bother due to the extremely bad molding and paint-job).


Laurens said...

u seemed to b able to bbb more willingly in the absence of ur bros :(


can't help it. when i'm lonely, i tend to think more rationally.