Tuesday, July 01, 2008

EATZ: DeliVege

200, South Bridge Road
Siingapore 058749
Tel: 62239686 Fax: 62240991
email: kessika@delivege.com.sg
Open Daily: Sun - Thu 7:00am - 11:00pm Fri, Sat & PH Eves 7:00am - 3:00am
Another restaurant in Chinatown that promotes Vegetarianism. Branded with a slogan of "A Variety of Vegetarian Flavours", DeliVege is indeed one vegetarian restaurant that serves the most variety of vegetarian dishes. DeliVege began as a simple restaurant with a plain white minimalistic interior design, but they had recently renovated their ground level to adopt a more international theme, while the second level retains a typical Chinese restaurant layout. The menu follows the international theme by serving dishes that consists of asian and western cuisine. Interestingly, DeliVege has refrained the use of the proper meat names in their dishes. The location of DeliVege is conveniently located at the junction of South Bridge Road and Cross Street, easily accessible from Chinatown Station.

Fried tofu cubes
(not the real name)
Silken egg tofu cubes deep fried to a golden brown and each topped with a little fragrant herbs.

'Fis' in Sichuan Sauce
Mock fish slices cooked with red, green and yellow capsicum in a tangy spicy 'Sichuan-style' sauce. The sauce is in fact just tomato sauce with a tinge of spicy.

Yakitori Bento Set
Mock chicken meat and capsicum slices skewered on a satay stick and drenched in a black pepper sauce. The bento rice set showed three sticks of yakitori, but we got only two. The set comes with miso soup, pickled radish and cabbage salad.

Fruits and Vegetables Fried Rice
(not the real name)
Mixed vegetables (carrots, green peas and corn cobs) with fruits (mango, pineapple, apple) fried rice.

Every now and then, I will try to visit a new vegetarian restaurant and share it with everyone. Though I am not a vegetarian, I believe that vegetarianism can actually be interesting and definitely a healthier and socially responsible choice. These vegetarian restaurants just prove that vegetarian food can be delicious as well. So far I have been to: "Ci Yan Organic Vegetarian Health Food", "The Whole Earth", "Ananda Bhavan". The most expensive and better being "The Whole Earth". "DeliVege" would be ranked second, with each dish priced at around S$8-12. Some vegetarian restaurants tend to charge a higher price since the raw ingredients, namely gluten mock meat products, are more expensive. On top of that, the preparation of vegetarian food requires more skill and effort to turn them into delicious and tasty dishes. Nevertheless, many operators just want to make a bit more out of the niche market of vegetarian restaurants. I shall not discuss further about that here.
Interestingly, I find myself rather amused by the nomenclature of the dishes. Every meat is renamed such that it sounds like but not written as the meat, e.g. C-food means seafood. I was not too impressed by the Fish in Sichuan Sauce when I discovered that the Sichuan sauce is just tomato (ketchup) sauce. However, I adored the yakitori and fried tofu cubes. The fried rice is also very well-done and tastes very similar to the Thai pineapple rice.
Though the price is slightly higher than average non-vegetarian eateries such as "YY Kafe Dian", I definitely do not mind paying a bit more to enjoy the different ways vegetarian dishes are being prepared. The variety of the dishes at DeliVege definitely attracts a lot of vegetarians to dine here.

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oOFooi said...

Yeah right! Vegetarian foods is expensive but is worth of getting it. Is more healthy, less killing(chicken - lol) and much more benefits.