Sunday, May 25, 2008

EATZ: Ananda Bhavan Vegetarian Restaurant

Ananda Bhavan Vegetarian Restaurant
No.58 Serangoon Road
Singapore 217964
Tel.: 6297 9522
Operating hours: 7:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
Being featured on "Lonely Planet", I will not be surprised to see tourists patronizing "Ananda Bhavan Vegetarian Restaurant". While many locals do not really appreciate a meal of Indian food without the meat curries, vegetarianism is in fact a very common part of the Indian diet. It is both for religious and health purposes. According to my colleague from India who follows a strict vegetarian diet, he told me that the religious aspect of vegetarianism is based on the god that is being worship on the day of the week. Now I understand why some of Indian friends abstain meat on Fridays. Nevertheless, I respect the importance of vegetarianism as well as the healthy aspect of it. Most importantly, vegetarian meals can be very tasty as well, especially from the 'master of spices'! The Indian vegetarian meals can taste incredibly good!
"Ananda Bhavan Vegetarian Restaurant" is one of my favourite restaurant to find very good Indian vegetarian food.

Two pieces of healthy chappathi served with vegetarian sauces. I particularly love the chick pea sauce.

Vegetarian Thali Rice Set
This rice set is served with a variety of sauces, sweet soup, curd, vegetarian mutton, papadums and vadai. They have a special rice set that is cooked in olive oil as well.

Kashmiri Naan
Kashmiri naan is a special naan as it includes sweet dried fruits, such that this can be eaten without any sauces.

If you are not used to taking Indian vegetarian diets, "Ananda Bhavan Vegetarian Restaurant" is going to change your opinion. The sauces that are served with the rice set or breads are all very tasty. Though I cannot get used to some of the spices used in some Indian sauces, but I had no qualms about finishing the sauces and soups that came with my thali rice set. The chappathi and kashmiri naan are healthy substitutes for prata, and I am really starting to love chappathi. A good cup of sweet lassi should make this healthy meal complete. The prices are reasonable with no service taxes and GST charges.



Paddy Tan - said...

The food looks really good!


yeah paddy, u really should drop by and try the food. I'm sure you will love it! ;)

Paddy Tan - said...

Definitely will drop by with my wife :)