Sunday, March 09, 2008

EATZ: The Whole Earth Vegetarian Restaurant

The Whole Earth Vegetarian Restaurant

593 Geylang Road
Tel: 6841 3319

Having earlier discovered the joy of going vegetarianism, I decided search up a list of vegetarian cuisine and found "TWE" (The Whole Earth) which scored a couple of good reviews from local magazines ("U Weekly" & "Shape"), and well-renowned blogger, Leslie Tay ("ieat.ishoot.ipost"). Geylang is well-known for being the place for finding good food apart from being a red light district. There are also plenty of Buddhist establishments and thus, directly attracted many vegetarian food operators to start their businesses here. The Whole Earth is one of them. I decided to visit TWE with my bro, Cedric to discover a whole new experience to going vegetarianism.

TWE Famous Ikan Bilis (Seaweed crisps) and Tapioca Chips
Crispy seaweed strips specially coated and fried into tasty crisps that serves as mock ikan bilis. Sweet tapioca chips goes well with a very well-done vegetarian sambal chilli.

Market Fresh with Jade Bailinggu Mushroom
Fresh daily leavy vegetables served with stir fried bailinggu mushrooms, wolfberry and fa chye.

Salted Fish Tofu Hotpot
Soybean crisps substitute salted fish in this simple tofu hotpot stew. Fried soft tofu cubes served with Chinese white cabbage, beansprouts, carrots and peas.

The Whole Earth Olive Fried Rice
A fragrant and tasty fried rice dish with preserved olive vegetables and mock luncheon meat, topped with shredded lettuce.

Thai Green Pumpkin Curry
Marked with a "Healthier Choice", this Thai Green Pumpkin Curry is cooked without coconut milk but instead, very heavy on the spice. In the curry, there are fried tofu, chinese cabbage, cauliflower, brinjal and pumpkin.

Monkeyhead Mushroom Satay
Soft and chewy Monkeyhead mushroom chunks lighted coated, then fried to a crispy brown exterior and skewered on a satay stick. The rich satay peanut gravy is more towards salty than sweet, definitely goes well with the mock satay.

The Whole Earth Vegetarian Restaurant serves an interesting fusion menu of vegetarian dishes in Chinese, Peranakan and Thai style. Usually perceived to be plain, these vegetarian dishes definitely do not lose out in taste. Preparing good vegetarian dishes is like a craft that transform ordinary greens, funghi and gluten into the usual tasty dishes that are prepared with meat. This shows that with fine culinary skills, vegetarian dishes can be very tasty as well!
I particularly love the "TWE Olive Fried Rice" as well as the "Monkeyhead Mushroom Satay". The rice grains are not soggy and clumpy, and is flavoured with the shredded preserved olive vegetables and mock luncheon meat. When I first chewed on the "Monkeyhead mushroom satay", I thought I was chewing on a piece of fat from real meat! But that is the texture of monkeyhead mushroom. Crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside, when dunked into the tasty satay sauce, this satay is simple heavenly! Though the price is slightly on the high side, but for good vegetarian food, and recreating healthier vegetarian versions of various cuisines, The Whole Earth Vegetarian Restaurant is definitely worth a visit!


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Hey guys! Whole Earth restaurant is now located at 76 Peck Seah Street, Singapore 079331. Visit their website: or call 6323.3308 for reservations.