Thursday, June 26, 2008

EATZ: EDOGAWA Japanese Teppanyaki @ Velocity

EDOGAWA Japanese Teppanyaki
Velocity@ Novena Square #01-51/52
Tel: 6356 5610

Looking for a new Japanese restaurant to visit? EDOGAWA Japanese Teppanyaki is an ethnic Japanese restaurant located at Velocity @ Novena Square, and serves Teppenyaki, Grills, Sushi, Sashimi, Don and Noodles at reasonable prices. In the proximity, there are Curry Favour and Ichiban Boshi Japanese restaurants. So how will EDOGAWA fare among these resident Japanese restuarants in Novena Square?
I sought it out and read on to find out.

A fermented soy bean with a strong smell of ammonia, strong taste and a very sticky consistency. The beans are topped with nori strips. There seemed to be egg yolk among the nattō.

Grilled skewers of juicy, tender chicken chunks, drenched in a sweet teriyaki sauce.

Katsu Don

Good o' katsu don, juicy slab of pork chop breaded and deep-fried to a crispy golden brown and topped with egg and shallots.

Grilled Mackerel Set
Grilled saba fish served with pickles, salad, chawanmushi, miso soup and rice. Amusingly, the mackerel is served on a wooden plate with the shape of a fish head and fin on both ends.

During the time I visited Edogawa Japanese Teppenyaki, there was a promotional 20% OFF. Hence, the meal was actually very cheap! Each main ordered comes with complimentary dessert of either ice-cream or jelly (not sure if it is konnyaku, since I had green tea ice-cream). I thought that the nattō was quite interesting but when I tasted it, I concluded that it can be quite an acquired taste of extreme gastronomy. It reminded me of the Chun Gook Jang Jigae which I had at Jang Won Korean Restaurant. For a while, I was quite frustrated by the sticky strands of 'spider webs' when picking up the beans. Soy sauce was added before eating. The nattō had a tinge of wasabi taste and of course, seaweed. I love the yakitori especially when the meat were so tender and juicy drenched in the sweet teriyaki sauce. Nothing too unique for the Katsu Don and Grilled Mackerel Set. The mackerel was not too different from the saba fish in food courts.
Worth visiting if you are in the Novena area and looking for a less crowded and inexpensive Japanese restaurant.
Note that 10% Service Charge and 7% GST applies.

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