Saturday, May 05, 2012

EATZ: Whole Earth Peranakan Thai Vegetarian Restaurant

Whole Earth
Peranakan Thai Vegetarian Restaurant
76 Peck Seah Street 
(Tg Pagar MRT Exit A) Singapore 079331
Reservations: Tel: 65 6323 3308

It is Vesak Day today, so I am going vegetarian for today. I did not have to crack my brain to find a good vegetarian restaurant, and immediately thought of Whole Earth. I had previously visited The Whole Earth in Geylang, however,  The Whole Earth has already moved. I wondered if they are the same, since they had the same name. I confirmed it after checking them out today.

Seaweed Crisps and Pickled Green Mangoes

Thai Spicy Monkey Head Mushroom

Homemade Assam Pedas

Sambal Long Bean with Tempeh

If you want good vegetarian food that is not the usual gluten-stuff, you should visit Whole Earth. They serve a variety of dishes in Peranakan and Thai style. Although my personal favourite vote still goes to Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant, Whole Earth still gets two thumbs-up. However, the price range at Whole Earth can be rather steep compared to Lotus.

Photography by William Tan
Shot on Nikon J1
(made possible by Nikon Singapore)

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