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Japan Trip 2010: OSAKA

Japan Trip 2010: OSAKA
This is the 4th and final leg of our visit to Japan.
Earlier on, we visited TOKYO, TAKAYAMA and KYOTO.
Our final stop is OSAKA, another major city of Japan.
Getting to Osaka from Kyoto is not difficult; there is a train or shinkansen from Kyoto every other 15-20mins. The train ride is also no more than an hour.
We could have stayed in Kyoto and do day trips to Osaka.
However, since we were going to fly back from Osaka, we might as well stay in Osaka.


At the heart of the city, you can easily spot the giant ferris wheel.

We soon found our budget hotel right smack in the middle of a sleazy alley.
There sure is plenty to see here ;p.

I can only smile...

On our way to visiting the Osaka Castle, we came across a field where kids were practising baseball.

How nice it is to be greeted by local cats.

We decide to skip theme parks and aquariums and visit the Osaka Castle.
I must admit that I was actually quite disappointed by this visit; the castle has been restored and maintained in such pristine condition such that I cannot feel its history.
Nevertheless, there was quite a bit to see in the castle, especially the samurai armour suits.

Being in Osaka, we must definitely visit the outlet mall and do some shopping.
This is Rinku Town.
From Adidas to Bally and Coach, it is not hard to see tourists and locals grab heavily discounted clothes and accessories.

Yet another ferris wheel at Rinku Town, greeted by a brilliant sky.

We had decided not to buy anything from the Tokyu Hands in Tokyo,
because we can always get the same in Osaka.
One can easily spend a few hours going through all of the stuff in Tokyu Hands.

GUNDAM and more interesting toys! These toys are really unique gimmicks that can impress your friends back home.

You can even grab yourself a Porter bag from Tokyu Hands.

Tempting cakes at Shins

No visit to Osaka is complete without visiting the "CLICO Man" at Namba.

We could not afford to enjoy the giant crab, but these barbequed crab legs are fantastic too!

Hooray! It's a Studio Ghibli merchandise shop!

Remember to stay and appreciate the buildings in Namba, lighted up!

Food! Food! Food!
The most expensive fruits in the world can only be found in Japan!

Remember to visit the basement one of any shopping malls, because that is where dessert lovers go crazy splurging on endless number of beautiful desserts!

Osaka Banana is a souvenier to bring back from Osaka.

Grilled sausage wrapped in fried egg; cheap and quick udon meals while transiting at a train platform.

End-of-day sale of salmon sushi; sake with erotic pictures hidden away (this is distilled alcohol!).

This is the "level 10 buffalo wings" of Tohato crackers; a really big Nissin "BIG CUP".

Express dinner from the minimart.

Ramen and Omu rice at the basement of department store are quick and cheap fix for a meal!

A decent Japanese meal at one of the restaurant in the underground mega shopping mall of Osaka.


Photography by William and Fiona
Copyrights Reserved 2010

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