Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Nintendo® Wii™ Fit Plus

Nintendo® Wii™ Fit Plus

Nintendo® Wii™ Fit Plus (Wiiフィットプラス) is the latest version of the best selling Nintendo® Wii™ Fit for the Nintendo® Wii™. The Wii™ Fit Plus, to be exact, is an upgrade or enhanced version of the original Wii™ Fit. It comprises of all the games and features of the original version and much more newer game modes, hence earning a "Plus". Since I never had the original Wii™ Fit, I decided to get the Wii™ Fit Plus with Wii™ Balance Board. This bundle set me back S$159. Alternatively, for Wii™ Fit owners who already own a Wii™ Balance Board, the Wii™ Fit Plus disc standalone just cost no more than S$30.
The Wii™ Fit Plus bundle comes in a nice slim box with a carrying handle. The box states that the Wii™ Balance Board can withstand a maximum of 330lbs (approx. 150kg), which means my overweight friends can take on the training regime of the Wii™ Fit Plus as well! The contents include two pull-outs which holds the Wii™ Balance Board while the other holds a pack of 4 "AA" batteries, Wii™ Fit Plus game disc, 4 pcs of Wii™ Balance Board leg extensions along with the instructions manual to the board.
The Wii™ Balance Board has a ribbed-textured surface for the user's feet. On one edge of the board is the power button. The underside of the board is reveals four pressure sensor feets of the board and battery compartment. Hidden in the battery compartment is the sync button. Synchronization needs to be done only on the first use with the Wii™ console. Simply load a Wii™ title that supports Wii™ Balance Board, press the red sync button on the board, press the red sync button on the Wii™ console, then watch as the blinking blue led on the power button of the board turn steady.

Wii™ Fit Plus Game Disc
Wii™ Fit Plus starts off by registering your physical particulars to your selected Mii avatar. Taking your height (in ft), birthday and COB (centre of gravity), it calculates your weight from the Wii™ Balance Board and gives you your BMI (Body Mass Index) and Wii™ Fit" age". You will then set your "goals" to achieve and as you play the game in the time to come, it will keep track of your physical fitness and evaluate your progress. So this is no joking matter, but a real fitness programme with fun injected into it.
Wii™ Fit Plus includes all the original activities in Wii™ Fit. There are also the additional 15 Balance/Aerobics games in "Training Plus" mode as well as six Yoga and Strength-Training exercises.
Spine Extension
Grounded V
Strength Training
Balance Bridge
Single-Leg Extension
Side Lunge
Training Plus
Perfect 10
Island Cycling
Rhythm Kung-Fu
Driving Range
Segway Circuit
Bird's-Eye Bulls-Eye
Snowball Fight
Obstacle Course
Tilt City
Rhythm Parade
Big Top Juggling
Skateboard Arena
Table Tilt Plus
Balance Bubble Plus
Basic Run Plus

Soon I found the Wii™ Fit Plus, which set me back by S$159, a worthwhile purchase! Basically, I have bought a "mini-gym" (with instructor included) home, right into my living room! Now my family will get to work out and have fun at the very same time!
Worth it? Definitely!
A must-have Wii™ title for the whole family!
Get your Wii™ Fit Plus from your nearest game dealer today!

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Laurens said...

when can i come play and lay my sweaty fat ass on ur wii fit board?


overweight boys arent allowed!
didnt u read 330lbs?
ermmm... how abt Friday evenings. LOL

Refurbished Laptops said...

I definitely want to get one of these. the wii fit is making exercise a lot more accessible to people who otherwise wouldn't bother (me included).

Only problem is they're so damned expensive....