Monday, December 07, 2009

Hoots:VZTEC Laptop Desk (LD8001)

VZTEC Laptop Desk
S$28 (U.P.S$38)
We have been working on our laptops while sitting in front of the TV. Instead of using some make-shift desk, since we do not have a coffee table, we decide to get a laptop desk. These laptop desk are getting popular these days as more and more people are buying netbooks. Be it a laptop or netbook, it is no good to put the laptop on your lap. Studies have shown that the prolonged exposure to the heat from the laptop can fry your soldiers!
We have seen a few foldable laptop desks and these aren't cheap at all, selling at around S$80! Thanks to VZTEC for setting the right price for these MIC products. They have a several models and some which incorporates a notebook cooler with a table.

Product Specification

  • Product Size : 36cm x 24cm
  • Net weight : 0.58kg
  • Possible angle : 30º ~ 160º
  • Angle phase : Total 30 phases
  • Product scope : 25cm ~ 36cm
  • Leg's extended size up to : 52cm
  • Folded size : 39 x 25.3 x 6.5cm
  • Material : Aluminium
Assembly is rather simple with the well-illustrated instructions. A quick-release lever allows user to easily adjust the height of the desk.
The angle of the table top itself can be adjusted and securely locked to various angles.

The VZTEC Laptop Desk (LD8001) is definitely much better than paying S$80+ for some more complicating foldable desk even without a build-in fan. This is much cheaper. It is also light weight. It allows my heavy dinosaur iBook to sit securely at an angle. I can even lock the table top to a 90 degree angle, lower the height and use it as a dining table for breakfast in bed! It is worth it and definitely does not "rock"!

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