Monday, December 07, 2009

Hoots:VZTEC HDD Multimedia Player (VZ-MP366)

These small gadgets are selling like "hotcakes" during the latest computer show, making headlines in the local papers. It is also not hard to find more mobile stalls sprouting in Sim Lim Square, peddling these gadgets. They are multimedia players. These gadgets are like a miniature set-top box that plays back most of your digital multimedia files stored on your portable storage devices, on your home TV. The prices can vary and are largely depends on the manufacture, files supported and output I/O ports. The cheapest being S$39 and up to S$199, with the latter having features like HDMI output, digital audio output, line in source recording, rarer file formats such as .mkv, firmware upgradable, WIFI capability etc. Since these gadgets were invented and made popular in Taiwan and China, it is not hard to see that most brands come from China. However, the popularity of these gadgets influenced big players such Western Digital and Seagate to jump on the bandwagon of multimedia players since they are already making portable storage devices, mainly hard disk drives (HDD).

VZTEC HDD Multimedia Player
My DVD player and plasma TV can already playback DivX files from my portable HDD and USB thumbdrive, but they cannot playback the popular Real Media formats (.RM and .RMVB). I had been eyeing on the cheapest $39 ones, but they are always unavailable due to over-popularity. I have no need for HDMI outputs, .MKV file support and fancy WIFI networking feature. Running around many stores and I finally managed to grab the last box of this rather non-mainstream brand at the price I wanted. The store goes with the same name as its product, and hidden away in one corner of Sim Lim Square. I suspect VZTEC to be a Malaysian company despite its Hong Kong domain. Nevetheless, their products are largely made in China.

Product Feature & Specification

  • Built-in high speed USB 2.0 host, Allow you to connect USB memory device such as USB HDD enclosure and USB flash drives
  • SD/MMC and SDHC memory cards supported
  • Support RM/RMVB, AVI, MPG, DAT, VOB, MP4, MOV, ASX, DIVX, XVID, movie format
  • Support subtitle format *.TXT, *.PSB, *.SMI,*.SRT, *.SUB,*.ASS, *. SSA
  • Support MP3, WMA music format
  • Support slide show with background music
  • Support JPEG, BMP, PNG, GIF, and TIFF pictures files
  • Multiple TV Mode supported. 1080i High Resolution output, NTSC interface, NTSC
  • progressive, PAL interface, PAL progressive,
  • Support File management, allow you to copy, move or delete the file without a computer.
  • Multi-language OSD supported.
  • Full function remote controller for easier operation
  • It works with different capacity USB flash drives and USB HDD enclosures (2.5 & 3.5-inch). You can enjoy your movies freely
  • Power Source: AC 100-240V
  • System: Windows Vista, Windows XP Professional/Home Edition Windows 98/ME/ 2000 Professional/Home Edition/ Mac OS 9.0 and higher.
The most basic model comes with the palm-sized media player, remote with battery included, AC adaptor, instructions manual, composite video with analog audio to 3.5mm jack cable, component video to 3.5mm jack cable.
The front panel is the infra-red receiving panel. The top of the media player is lined with the standard operating buttons (in case the remote is gone or kaput). The left side is the USB port and SD card slot for connecting your storage media.
The rear has the power button, component 3.5mm output, composite 3.5mm output and AC supply input.

The VZTEC HDD Multimedia Player (VZ-MP366) is a simple device that takes my media files from my computer to my big screen HD TV. I can now sit back on the couch and share the photos and videos with my whole family and friends. Got a video to share? Just bring it along in your thumbdrive!

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